Monday, July 1, 2019

Let your kids have fun this summer with these Blasters from Buzz Bee Toys!

I received these products from Buzz Bee Toys for review.

This is the Adventure Force Night Attack Dart Blaster. The cool thing about this blaster is that is comes with a light that you can attach to the rail.  This will allow you to see your target in any lighting condition, letting you blast them from up to 100 feet away.  This is ideal for sleepovers or camping trips when your kids will won't to continue playing into the night.  Each Adventure Force Night Attack Dart Blaster comes with the blaster, rail light, clip and 6 long distance darts.  It is designed for kids aged 8 and over.  You can purchase it at Walmart, in store or online, for the suggested retail price of $9.97. 

These beauties are the Air Warriors Covert Squad Blasters.  You get two of these in a set to allow you to team up to battle other teams.  Each blaster has a built in walkie talkie and earbud for communication that works up to a range of 300 feet.  This will allow you to communicate with your partner, even if you split up to surround an opponent.  There are two channels so each team will have their own to communicate on without being overheard by their opponents.  With the realistic bolt loading action, you can blast your enemy from up to 100 feet away!  Each set comes with 8 long distance darts.  The Covert Squad Blasters are recommended for kids aged 6 and over.  Covert Squad is available at Target for the suggested retail price of $24.99.  

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