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Gentle Reminders when Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Gentle Reminders when Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

You don’t have to buy makeup brushes every month. Each item in your makeup bag should hold their own and be useful for a long time. Brushes, in particular, are meant to last--if you take care of them properly. Though high-quality brushes are available along with other cosmetics online, this doesn’t mean you should just use your brushes carelessly and replace them often. You can still avoid being wasteful by cleaning your makeup brushes thoroughly and regularly.

Here are some reminders to help you care for these important applicators:

Use a Gentle Cleanser

There are expensive cleaning products you can buy, but some makeup gurus will tell you these are unnecessary. A little DIY can give you a brush cleanser that will leave them feeling good as new. Liquid dish soap diluted in water can do the trick. Those who have money to spare and want to be more confident in their brush cleaning can still get cleaning products from their trusted brands, of course. In some cases, the brush manufacturer itself will sell cleaning solutions, which guarantee that they work for your brushes.

Clean After Every Use


Excess product may be left on your brushes after every application. Spot-clean them before use to guarantee a hygienic makeup application. You may also clean them after use so that you can store them clean and with no worries next time you take them out. Simple facial wipes or makeup remover can be good enough in removing excess products from most brushes.

Let Them Dry Properly

Spot cleaning your brushes is recommended after each use, but deep cleaning is also recommended every once in a while. When doing this, however, be gentle to the bristles and make sure you are not soaking the part underneath the barrel. Store wet brushes in a holder--handle side up--to prevent the water from seeping into the barrel. This will prevent water from entering the barrel and causing the adhesive to rot, which will loosen up the bristles of your brush.

Using brushes is one of the best ways to apply makeup evenly. To make sure you’re getting the most of your makeup brushes, be gentle but thorough when cleaning and storing them.


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