Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Pamper Her This Valentine's Day

Number4 High Performance Hair Care's Collections offer the tlc you need for all those extra hair concerns. From hydrating to styling Number4 High Performance Hair Care has the products that are just right for that special Valentine in your life. Get them a gift they can use and will love!

As most of you know my hair is super long almost past my behind. I generally keep it up and either curled or i  a ponytail. My hair is always super dry in the winter so I chose the Hydrating Shampoo, Reconstructing Masque, and a Fluoro5 Elixir. I was truly amazed at how great my hair felt after just the first use. It was so soft but a bit oily. That was on me though I used too much. With Number4 products I noticed I needed much less than I would generally use of my regular salon hair care products. That is a win win for me I spend a lot on salon products as I truly love my long hair. I love Number4 products and love the shine and sheen my hair has from using them! This would be an ideal gift for me and a perfect Valentine's day present! Check out their Valentine's Day gift sets below and purchase here!

Give hair a youthful re-boost and help hydrate parched strands with an intensified infusion of hydrating botanicals and anti-aging, color protecting, strengthening and purifying ingredients with our unique Liquid Complex Culture.  This set includes: Hydrating Shampoo 1.5oz, Hydrating Condition 1.5oz, Lumiere d’hiver Body Lotion 1.5oz and the Mini Darling Brush. 

BIG LOVE ($20) – For truly gorgeous hair, add volume with beneficial botanical ingredients to amp up your V-day appeal. The unique advanced delivery system infuses purifying ingredients for high performance results with a natural sheen.  This set includes: Volumizing Shampoo 1.5oz, Volumizing Condition 1.5oz, Lumiere d’hiver Body Lotion 1.5oz and the Mini Darling Brush.

HOT DATE HAIR REPAIR ($20) – Treat hair to a deep cleansing and purifying conditioning treatment. These multitasking products get hair looking its best with a detox cocktail of plant-based cleansers and nourishing botanicals. This set includes: Clarifying Shampoo 1.5oz, Reconstructing Masque 1.5oz, Super Comb Prep & Protect 1.5oz and the Mini Darling Brush.

SWEET STYLES ($20) – Perfect for date night, these styling products will give your hair that ooh la la with hair care free of sulfates, parabens, gluten and that are 100% Vegan.  This set includes: Blow Dry Lotion 1.5oz, Thermal Styling Spray 1.5oz, Mighty Hair Spray 2oz, Fluoro5 Elixer 0.25oz and the Mini Darling Brush.

All of Number 4's products are sulfate, paraben,  gluten, and cruelty-free, and since great hair is at the top of everyone’s wishlist, these limited-edition gift sets make the perfect present. Make sure to shop Number4 and follow them on social media below:


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