Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tasty Pet Gifts

Against the Grain Pet Food are revolutionaries of pet food industry and have uniquely created products are that are grain-free, gluten-free and meat-dominant using at least 85% real meat in each can. ATG has carefully selected the pinnacle of fresh and sustainable ingredients, and use unique processing methods to carefully serve your pet the smartest food available. Against the Grain is the tastiest gift your pet will get!

I am truly in love with Against the Grain. When you open the can you can tell what quality ingredients they use. My dog loved every variety and did not leave a bite. Beef was his favorite! He also really enjoyed the salmon. You can tell honestly by the texture and smell of this food that it is truly high quality and amazing dog food!

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EVANGER'S Dog and Cat Food Company (and Ferrets, too) Family owned and operated for over 80 years, Evanger's utilizes high-quality, inspected meats to make highly palatable and nutritious foods that will satisfy even the most finicky eater. Evanger's foods are the perfect gift!

I love that these are organic. I am very picky about what I feed my dog and Evanger's I love and my dog woofed up. Our cat Abby is a picky eater and she loved the cat food as well! I loved the texture you could see the meat and veggies and would gladly feed my pets Evanger's. This is the perfect pet gift!

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