Friday, December 14, 2018

Super Heroes Pencils and Erasers Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Da, Da, Da, Da, it is Super Heroes. Six #2 lead manually sharpening pencils disguised as different superheroes, who's capes function as eraser's. this product is manufactured by PEN COMPANY OF AMERICA. This product is inexpensive, useful and captures the imagination of the person using it. A nice product for school, personal use or a last minute gift exchange.

They are super cute I actually sent a set in one of my child's gift exchanges as we got a couple sets. The images on amazon really do not give these pencils justice. The capes are actually 3d and attached similar to an eraser top but in actual cape position with cape waving off the back of the pencils. These are a perfect stocking stuffer. I always try to send a bunch of stuff for the school gift exchange I generally hate picking the gift exchange. My kids either like it or hate it. Gavin was pretty happy this year and Christian's class are going to a movie today in lieu of gift exchanges.  But my kids always seem happy. I hope these make Gavin's gift exchange recipient happy. 

Pen Company of America has carpentry pens, pens, pencils, Foldflatz and RevMark. Make sure to check out Pen Company Of America and Pencil Heroes and be sure to follow them on social media below:


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