Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Perfect Little Girl's Gift Boxy Girls From Jay@Play Review

My Sierra is a princess girlie, girl if ever there was a girlie, girl. She loves all dolls and of course any accessories and outfits to go with her dolls. She saw the commercial to Boxy Girls from Jay@Play and was pretty intrigued. I love FlipaZoo's and Flipquins all the kids like them no matter the age difference. My youngest to my oldest loves FlipaZoo's! When she saw Boxy Girls she definitely added them to Santa's list that day. So when we had the opportunity to try out Boxy Girls I was super excited for Sierra! My daughter opened every blind bag you could open during her blind bag youtubing phase and is really into dolls with accessories. There are a lot of blind bags based on dolls with accessories; so she got pretty used to opening and enjoying dolls with a lot of different accessory items then. She loves any surprise. Any toy where you can collect them and take a chance of getting different ones each time. So I knew she would like Boxy Girls!

I thought Boxy Girls looked kind of like a more realistic doll and that the concept of a one time purchase with so many added extras must be some sort of trick. I was used to having to buy and buy and buy tons of blind bags to get a certain combo for Sierra not with Boxy Girls. There's different dolls you can collect but they all come with different accessories and one bog box includes plenty to play and would make a great one time purchase. I was pleasantly surprised. No tricks to Boxy Girls only cute fun and entertainment; one box at a time.

Some of the blind bags are a one time play and done.. Sierra would open the blind bag most of the time filled with tons of itty bitty, tiny, peices and then eventually loose the tiny pieces as they were so small she couldn't keep up with them long. But Boxy Girls was different. The surprises in the Boxy Girl Big Box were decent sized and fit Sierra's Boxy Girls very well. The dolls pretty well held all of their own accessories so none would be lost. Sierra got Brooklyn and she came with this amazing crown pictured below.  Her cousin played with her and took the other home that day. Sierra has played with her Boxy Girl almost everyday since opening her.

Boxy Girls Big Box comes with two new exclusive Boxy Girls dolls, 28 mystery online shipping boxes that are filled with 33 fashion surprises! You would have to watch kids open all these boxes and how excited they get for each one. It is hilarious and so cute to watch. This is the ultimate gift this holiday season for the little girl on your list. It is sure to be a favorite this year!

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