Thursday, November 1, 2018

Razor Turbo Jets A Unique Gift Idea

People have known Razor for 18 years as the creator of the best scooter out there….and Razor has way more than just scooters…electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards and so much more! With the Holidays around the corner, why not give the gift of family time and a little (ok…a lot!) of outdoor fun! Razor has gifts for the whole family, from your toddler to mom and dad! We were so excited to try out the Turbo Jetts. My husband and I enjoyed these just as much as the boys. They are really easy to get used to. I was afraid they would be to hard to skate in but it was very simple to get used to!
Hit new heights of fun with Razor Turbo JettsTM electric motorized heel wheels! Simply start rolling and these electric-powered heel wheels amp up the action with an 80-watt, geared-drive motor to provide a one-of-a-kind boost to any pair of sneakers. Remoteless, the Turbo Jetts use an integrated, pressure-sensitive, power control system to help you ride comfortably at speeds up to 10 mph for up to 30 minutes of continuous use. Simply step into the heavy-duty polymer “quick-click” frame and tighten the hook-and-loop strap for a secure fit. Recommended for use by ages nine and up.

Strap down into the Razor Turbo Jetts electric heel wheels and give your ordinary pair of sneakers an electric-powered boost. Easily adjustable, always awesome, simply step into the “quick click” frame and tighten the hook-and-loop strap, then hang on as these hands-free, electric, motorized heel wheels take you to new heights of fun. With Turbo Jetts high powered electric motor you can charge ahead with awesome style! Includes charger for 12V lithium-ion pack, quick-change, rechargeable (UL2271) battery and fits shoes U.S. youth 12 through adult 12.

  • The 80-watt, geared-drive motor delivers smooth, steady power, allowing riders to control the action with their preferred foot.
  • The Turbo Jetts™ are powered by a 12-volt, lithium-ion, quick-change battery pack that delivers an electrifying ride.
  • Simply start rolling and the motor automatically kicks in with its integrated, pressure-sensitive, power control system.
  • Heavy-duty polymer “quick click” frame with hook-and-loop strap provides an easy, secure fit

Be sure to check out Razor this holiday season for all your gift needs they have items for toddlers, kids, young adults and adults. I recommend for toddlers and smaller children; the Lil E Electric Scooter's and Twisti Turtle are the perfect gift for smaller children. The Lil E Electric Scooter is available in two colors green/blue and pink/purple and is recommended for ages three plus. The Twisti Turtle is recommended for ages eighteen months and up.

For kids who need a bit smaller skate check out the Jetts Mini Heel Wheels. They are available in three colors black/blue, black/green and black/pink and are recommended for ages five to seven. For a bit older children who want to skate check out Jetts Heel Wheels DLX  available in three colors as well; green/black, blue/black and pink/black and recommended for ages eight and up. For older children the products just get more and more amazing. Of course they have the Turbo Jetts DLX we chose recommended for ages eight and up they also have the Power Core 90 Electric Scooter available in pink and green and recommended for ages eight plus. For teens and adults they truly have out of this world products. The SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath in green holds up to 140 pounds and is a great teen gift. The DXT Electric Drift Trike is the perfect teen and adult gift available in green and recommended for ages sixteen plus. The DXT Electric Drift Trike holds up to 198 pounds and can achieve speeds of 15 mph. They have so many gnarly gifts you must check them out this year!

Shop for that perfect gift for that special someone on Razor's site below and follow them on social media below:



  1. My son would def love the jetts mini heel wheels in black/blue i would have never even known about these quality productsif i hadnt read on your blog im definately going to be researching further into the scooters my son would be over the moon happy to receive any of these gifts and the prices are so competitive seriously nice most companys only seem to care about the bottom line and not the products which the kids are actually the consumers of so it's really nice to see a company put quality and care into their products for the kids! As a parent i can definitely appreciate this! Happy Holidays!

  2. the jetts are so fun. Boy they make the rollerskates from my day a laugh. I could barely get my sneakers into the old time skates and now these are fast, easy and fun


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