Friday, November 9, 2018

#MyAuntieEdnaReview Incredibles 2 Blu Ray Short Film Aunt Edna


This review was written by mainly my ten year old son Christian and nine year old son Gavin with a little input from their three year old sister and some spelling and grammatical tips from me. 

If you like to laugh check out the Incredibles 2 short film Auntie Edna. Auntie Edna is a fashion designer who has her own way about her. She is very funny and made us all laugh. Edna goes into E Mode and there is nothing like her. Watch Edna entertain Jack. We could only imagine how hard a super baby would be! We have a baby brother who is now 5 months old and he is pretty hard to keep happy. Auntie Edna is a funny and great Auntie and would be a really cool babysitter. We liked the short film and laughed a lot and we love Jack Jack he is our favorite Incredible and with his super powers now he is even cooler! Make sure you watch Incredibles 2 you don't want to miss it and check out our moms review here 

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