Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Miniware Review and Giveaway The Perfect Gift For Babies This Holiday Season

Having a new baby is always fun, exciting and full of new firsts. Kierran our five and a half month old was just given the go ahead to start solids. I wasn't prepared at all it had been almost four years since I had a little one. Sierra would be starting Head-start and I was currently browsing the internet for feeding utensils to make feeding Kierran do able and not such a hap hazard mess. Our first experiences did not go well at all. I stumbled upon Miniware and honestly thought it's inexpensive and may or may not be much. I was more than pleasantly surprised! 

We tried out the Miniware first bites set and teething spoons set. The teething spoons set is my favorite as Kierran has had a very hard time teething and chews on everything. Most baby spoons hurt his gums and have even cut him causing him to bleed. Miniware is soft and flexible. At the same time sturdy and strong. You can easily scoop baby size bites and Kierran can get his teething fix while he eats. I love that the teething spoons come in an easy clean carrying pouch. This is great for on the go and there's no mess or hassle. Throw the spoons in and wash when you get home! The first bites set I comes with the same silicon teething spoon and one bowl made of bamboo fiber, vegetable starch and emulsion and one suction foot to place the bowl on keeping baby from knocking it over. I am very particular on what the kids use and all of the materials that Miniware makes their products from are one hundred percent baby safe!

As many my regular readers know we have items in our guide that are five hundred or more in value. Big isn't always better! Miniware has been one of the most used items in our home this year. Since I received this set Kierran has used it everyday; anywhere you can imagine. We are an on the go family and Miniware is perfect for us. This is the perfect gift for a baby or if you have a toddler they have items for toddlers as well. Miniware wants to give my readers a chance to win their own set. 

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