Monday, November 5, 2018

Goliath Games Brings Fun and Entertainment To Kids Of All Ages Plus A Giveaway

Goliath has an amazing selection of gifts for everyone on your gift list this year. They have toys and games that are fun for all ages! We got to try Domino Junior Friends Deluxe, Paint Station Easel, Pop the Pig " Pop N Race", and Rocket Pop. We always enjoy playing Golaith's products. As a family bonding experience we always try to get in a family fame night each week and if not an entire night at least a game or two. I love how fun and interactive their games are and how even the simpler games they make are fun for all ages. As my readers know our kids range from five months to ten years old. It makes it very hard for us to find games the whole family can participate in. Goliath has games simple enough for my three year old but engaging enough to captivate my nine and ten year old boys. They are a go to site when shopping for gifts for me. 

I was most excited to see some new arts and crafts as well this year from Goliath. All the kids thoroughly enjoy painting. The Paint-Station is a huge success with our kids.  When shopping for the kids paints and crafts I am always looking for mess free, easy cleanup and storage. The Paint-Station is priced affordably and doesn't take a lot of storage space. Clean up is easy as the easel and trays keep the mess down. The Paint-Station includes everything kids need to paint and create one easel, 3 paint pods, 2 paint brushes and 10 sheets of paper. All my kids really like the Paint-Station and enjoy making their own creations.

The games selection is always amazing with Goliath and very good at appropriate age range products. We got to try out Domino Junior Friends "Deluxe", Pop the Pig and Pop Rocket but over the years working with Goliath we have tried several more. I am never dissatisfied and am always excited to try any Goliath products. Domino Junior Friends "Deluxe" is perfect for my sons they really enjoyed this game and play it together often. I love that Goliath had little hands in mind and included the domino spacer tool. Even as an adult I find dominoes hard sometimes and tedious to set up. This puts the fun and ease into playing a game of dominoes and the dinosaurs are an added touch. They allow kids to create stunts with their dominoes. Goliath is giving you the chance to win Domino Junior Friends "Deluxe" be sure to enter the giveaway below. Pop the Pig Pop N Race was a big hit with everyone. Sierra and the boys love playing Pop The Pig. This game puts me in the mind of Trouble but with a much funner theme and twist for kids. You pop the pigs belly to see how far you move and race to see who gets all their pegs home first. Pop the Pig and Pop Rocket are both great examples of the large age range Goliath games are perfect for. Pop Rocket was the overall hands down absolute favorite. I saved the best for last. 

We have played Pop Rocket many times since receiving it. It is all my kids favorite this year and is our go to for game nights. In Pop Rocket you try to catch stars in your cups. The twist is you have to place the cups where you think stars will land. You pull the rocket string roll the dice to see what your move will be and hope you placed your cups in the right place to catch the stars. My kids make a huge deal out of placing their cups exactly where they think the stars will land and it is very exciting for them to watch the stars pop and fly. It has helped to teach them better math skills. They add their stars themselves and count each time how many they get. The first to fill their constellation with stars wins.  It gets pretty competitive as me and my husband play with the kids and love watching their excitement trying to learn from us where to place their cups and strategies to win. This is one gift you want to check out if you have kids on your list this year! Goliath is giving you guys a chance to win Pop Rocket as well. Be sure to enter the giveaway below. 

Be sure to stop by Goliath Games for all your holiday needs, enter the giveaway and follow them on social media below:


We have combined Goliath and Pressman Toys to create a huge prize package for one lucky winner that includes Domino Junior Friends "Deluxe" and Pop Rocket from Goliath and Hydro Strike and Let's Go Fishing. Check out our Pressman Toys review here for more information on Let's Go Fishing and Hydro Strike. 


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