Saturday, November 24, 2018

Flipquins Interchangeable Toy

FlipaZoo is the toy that flips for you. It's not just one toy, but two. A cuddle toy and a comfy pillow. Gavin my middle child loves his FlipaZoo. He had been asking for one for a long time since he saw them on TV and I honestly thought oh no another stuffed animal. FlipaZoo surprised me it is definitely not just another stuffed animal. FlipaZoo's are interchangeable and are not only one but two animals and are super soft and cuddly. You can also use FlipaZoo for a pillow; Gavin sleeps on his every night now. He has certainly gotten the use out of this toy!

Does your little one like animals? Life is all about choices, and when it comes to being a kid, choosing just one toy in a big store filled with all kinds of fun things, it can be hard. But Jay at Play made things a lot easier on those tiny little minds. With FlipaZoo there's no need in choosing. You get two options for the price of one. Each FlipaZoo plush features a flippable body, so kids can just spin it around, hold on tight, give it a flip and reveal a totally different plush pal. Combinations include husky to polar bear, giraffe to hippo, tiger to elephant and even cat to mouse. All of the FlipaZoo characters feature mega fluffy bodies, perfect for a pillow at nap time or when families are traveling. The fur is incredibly soft and cozy, and the two small black eyes are the only hard pieces on the entire toy. Their ending smiles will draw your kids in, giving them a new BFF to snuggle, hug and love.

This year new to the FlipaZoo family Flipquins. Check out the video below:

Sierra also saw this amazing toy on TV and just had to have it. Oh, the power of suggestion especially coming from the little black box. I loved the concept and the idea behind Flipquins right from the start. I love the reversible sequin. It is great for sensory play! We had the unicorn to dragon and it is perfect for a little girl!
Right now with every Flipquins purchase get a free five inch little FlipaZoo free. As always FlipaZoo comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied send it back for a full refund. You won't be disappointed though! Flipquins are the cutest sensory play toys this holiday season. 
Available in four sequin fun characters, the one I received Unicorn to Dragoon, Monkey to  Panda, Cat to Dig and Seal to Dolphin. Which one will you choose? Comment below:

 Be sure to check out the FlipaZoo and Flipquin gifts below when doing your Holiday shopping this year and follow Jay@Play makers of FlipaZoo and FlipaZoo/Flipquins below:




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