Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cry Babies The Perfect Kid's Gift

Cry Babies are the cutest new baby dolls that cry real tears! With big beautiful eyes, colorful hair, and removable animal print onesies, you’re sure to fall in love with them! Lala, Lea, Coney and Bonnie each come in their own special removable animal onesies and equipped with a pacifier to soothe them with when they start crying. You can also calm them down by gently rocking them. Not only are they the perfect size to carry around, but also have movable arms and legs for additional play-time fun! Cry Babies provide endless hours of play and teach children essential nurturing skills - a great addition to the family.

Sierra my four year old was so amazed with Cry Babies that she carries hers around everywhere she goes now. She takes it to bed with her and even to the bathtub. I knew she would like Cry Babies as she loves dressing and taking care of her babies and has yet to have one that actually had any real function other than making noises and opening and closing their eyes. From the second she saw that her baby cried she was ready to comfort and soothe it in any possible way you could imagine. This was a huge hit with Sierra and sure to be a favorite gift for your little one! Get yours now on Amazon and Target and retailers nationwide!

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