Thursday, November 1, 2018

Book Gift Ideas

by Dan Kainen and Kathy Wollard (September 4; Ages: 8-12 years; $25.95) is a celebration of everyone’s favorite prehistoric beasts. This bestselling series with over two million copies in print uses lifelike animation to bring readers on an expedition a hundred million years back in time.  My kids are huge book fans so they really enjoyed watching the dinosaurs moving and all of the different action scenes.

by Lynn Brunelle (April 3; Ages: 9-12 years; $19.95) ) is an interactive introduction to the  world of bees through exercises, activities, lively text, and full-color illustrations. The book includes a DIY project that allows young readers to literally turn it into a beehive by removing the cover and select pages. This is an amazing hands on teaching tool in my opinion it has such great information. I let my kids help with this we are all wondering now if the bees will really come and we did it right. Either way it is a very educational book and the kids had fun making their own hive!

by Mike Lowery (June 12; Ages: 4-8 years; $14.95) is packed with activities that take delightful twists and turns, inviting kids to design, draw, dream and encourage creativity on and off the page. Perfect for the doodler or budding little artist!

By: Nikki Greenberg
Silent Night . . . well, not quite. Ruby the reindeer makes Christmas Eve more entertaining than ever before, in her fourth adventure.
While all the other reindeer are sleeping, Ruby sneaks off with the present-laden sleigh in an attempt to get a head-start on the Christmas deliveries. Disaster! So when she crash-lands at George and Amelia's house, she abandons the presents to join them in the school concert. What could possibly go wrong? And what will Santa do when he discovers his sleigh (and all the presents) are missing? Will he be able to save Christmas?

By: Catherine Bruzzone
Illustrated By: Hennie Hawthorne
Learn all about the styles of this fascinating age and lots about its intriguing customs!
Discover Jane Austen's Regency era through fashion! How did a Regency bride and groom dress for their wedding? Why did everyone wear hats? Cut out the fourteen colorful costumes, for both women and men, then dress up the dolls to explore the fashions of Jane Austen's day.
Learn all about the styles and history of this intriguing yet turbulent age
By: Catherine Bruzzone
Illustrated By: Hennie Hawthorne
Discover the Russian Revolution through fashion! What did the Tsar and Tsarina wear at their engagement? Why did Lenin wear a red ribbon? Cut out the sixteen colorful costumes, for both women and men, then dress up the dolls to learn about the styles of this turbulent age and lots about its intriguing history too.
Sierra my three year old loves dress up dolls. I thought it would be a fun opportunity to read to all the kids while teaching them important national history.


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