Friday, October 19, 2018

Honeyberry Farms Plants, Jelly and Toppings Made From Amazing Superberries

Who ever said big things don't come in small packages apparently had not had the opportunity to try Honeyberry USA products. They pack huge berry flavor and make a deliciously sweet jam/jelly or topping when preserved properly. Me and my family live in Kentucky. I spent my childhood climbing hills and picking berries. I passed down this tradition to my children. The berries would be canned into jelly/jam by my mother and grandmother. I loved helping them can that jelly because I knew one day I would want to can jam/jelly myself so I wanted to learn all I could. My favorite was always black raspberries as they are slightly sweeter in my opinion than the other berries here.

Honeyberry USA'S Honeyberry Jelly is the closest thing to our canned black raspberry jelly that I have had in years. It was absolutely amazing even better than black raspberry jelly as the Honeyberries are sweeter making a sweeter jelly. The Honeyberry topping was just as good it was almost exactly like the jelly only only thinner with clumps of berries as topping should be. Both the jelly and topping is made by a certified jelly maker and has just newly launched. They are a must try! We loved it on ice cream and even the kids thought it was good on their pancakes. The topping has so many uses and the jelly makes the perfect dip just add sour cream. Dip your favorite cracker, I love to dip Triscuits. It is a different snack and relatively healthy. It is a wonderful and healthy alternative to processed store brand jams, jellies and toppings that contain all those dyes and who knows. Honeyberry jelly or topping would make an amazing gift for the foodie in the family this holiday season. It is a scrumptious gift. 

I wanted to grow my own honeyberries here and Honeyberry USA has so many different honeyberry plants to choose from. They have blackberries, raspberries, goji berries and so many more. It was easy to find one to fit my climate one that would thrive here in Kentucky. We chose the late season selections as it is late in the season to plant these. We opted for the Yezberry Maxie and the Yezberry Solo. 

Yezberry Solo and Maxie

Yezberry Solo Japanese Haskaps

Yezberry Maxie Japanese Haskaps

Both plants are sustainable in my climate zone and grow better as a pair here in Kentucky. They arrived in pristine condition due to their amazing packaging and I quickly got them in the ground. I can not wait for my berry bushes to come up in my own backyard next year. We already have quite a few different Raspberry varieties these will be an amazing addition to our berry plants. The kids are looking so forward to seeing if they have a green thumb as they helped plant our two plants. It will be a wonderful family bonding experience to be able to eat something they grew and actually planted themselves. These come back year after year and are packed full of vitamins. The kids won't even know how healthy these are for them! 

Make sure to stop by Honeyberry USA today and purchase your own jelly, topping and a few plants to grow. It is a fun experience and takes very minimal effort. If you have never grown a plant you can grow these berries. They are very resilient and easily grown. Make sure to shop and follow Honeyberry USA on social media below:


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