Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halloween Themed Gramma In A Box

Gramma in a Box was developed when the creators three grandchildren moved to Seattle. She was always boxing up cookies and treats that they could make together when they Skyped. Once she shared the idea with other friends and family, the concept for Gramma in a Box was born!
As a mother of five myself I can relate to families being far away and trying to find unique ways to bond together. To me Gramma In A Box is the perfect way to get your kids excited for the holidays. My kids love Halloween so they really enjoyed this months box. I love how you know what you are getting with Gramma In A Box each box includes two treat projects you make with your kids and baked cookies with frosting and sprinkles. Each box makes at least 20 finished treats. I love that this is enough for all three of my older kids to enjoy. It's hard for me to find cheap projects I can do with all three kids that we haven't already done.

In the Halloween themed box we made Monster Bark, Oreo Spiders and decorated Halloween Cookies. A good mom tip I break out the cookies first so the kids have something easy and simple to do while I prep the other two projects.

Gramma In A Box really surprised me with all my kids projects need to stay pretty simple for my three year old but at the same time engaging enough for my nine and ten year old. Gramma In A Box captures my kids attention, helps us bond and inspires creativity in my kids. It is a subscription box I would definitely purchase. Be on the lookout for next months review; a Thanksgiving themed Gramma In A Box. Their will also be a chance to win a Christmas themed Gramma In A Box. I love how Terry always manages to incorporated the holidays into the projects. Check out our creations!

Make sure to check out Gramma In A Box below your kids will love this:


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