Friday, October 19, 2018

Get Kids Excited For Halloween With Mindware Treats

With Halloween so close I wanted to do some extra special fun crafts and projects with the kids to get them excited for Halloween. It seems like as the boys get older they get less and less interested in the holidays. My boys are only ten and eight and I want them to enjoy Halloween still as much as my three year old does. My go to is always Mindware! Mindware just has the best and most unique toys and kids products on the market in my opinion. Mindware has never let me down and with four kids that is a big deal. I ordered a few different items to get the kids in the Halloween spirit. You can check out all of Mindware's Halloween products here. I ordered the kids the Scratch and Sniff Animal Favorites Scented Sticker Set,  Scratch and Sniff Treats Scented Sticker Set, Dig It Up Dinosaur Skeletons, Magic Wands Quick Sticker KitStemulators: Glitter Slime Lab and Paint Your Own Porcelain Fairy Light.

We have a really big family full of kids so when I ordered I had to keep in mind that there would be multiple children and we would need items that came in larger quantities. All the kids love anything scented from squishies, markers to stickers it seems I can never go wrong buying the kids scented products. The scented stickers were a huge hit with the older kids as well as the smaller kids. There are two sheets per pack, six sheets per set and two sets. So we ended up with twenty-four sheets on scented stickers. The kids loved being able to share these with their cousins and loved adding these to treat bags. They of course had to pick out their favorite scent for their own treat bags. Sierra loved the Strawberry she is in a foodie/cooking phase. Christian liked the pizza ones and Gavin liked the grape. All of these are their real life favorite foods and scents I thought that was really cute. These are perfect for treat bags and are very inexpensive. 

We are huge fans of the Dig It Up series in general. My kids love anything they can discover. With the Dig It Up: Dinosaur Skeletons each egg contains a dinosaur skeleton that your kids excavate to find. The set contains twelve eggs so this was another item we chose for Halloween treat bags. These are always a huge hit. The kids are always in a race to see who uncovers their surprise first. Priced at $24.95 that is a little over $2 per egg. It is hard to find any treat bag stuffers this nice and fun for $2.

Sierra is planning on being a fairy. Every fairy needs a wand. I thought making her own would get her into the Halloween spirit and excited about wearing her costume. I was so right. We made magic fairy wands with the Magic Wands Quick Sticker Kit. It was very little kid friendly as Sierra is only three. She loved that this was a sticker craft she could easily do by herself. She is sper independent. She carries the wand she made like it is actually capable of casting spells. She loves it and is very proud that she made it. It made putting her costume on and getting her dressed for the Halloween party super easy. 

We also tried out one of Mindware's newest line of products; the new Paint Your Own collection. Since we were sticking to the theme of Sierra dressing up like a fairy I fell in love with th Paint Your Own Porcelain Fairy Light. The kids all jumped in and helped decorate the Fairy Light. That surprised me as I thought the boys would find it to girly. They loved that it lit up and had their own take on the Fairy Light. Sierra loved that the boys were playing with something with her. The age gap with toys is often hard for us. We ended up with a pretty wild but definitely all Bailey Fairy Light. The boys had fluorescent oranges and greens while Sierra was intent on adding her own pinks and blues. The kids loved that it really lights up and have it displayed in their room. I had other paint and let them use the colors they wanted but the Fairy Light comes with twelve paint colors, two brushes and two lights. It includes everything you need to make a one of a kind Fairy Light! This was the one item the kids really enjoyed most and use as a night light now!

All the kids love making slime. So with it being Halloween I had to get them the Stemulators: Glitter Slime Lab. This was ooey gooey fun and the kids all enjoyed making the slime. It made quite a lot of slime way more than I thought it would. The kit included enough slime for all three kids. This was also a project that works well for little ones as well as older kids. Mine really enjoyed creating their slime as well as playing with it grossing everyone out. My boys love practical jokes and really got a kick out of this green ooze as you can only imagine.
I would have to call my Mindware Halloween haul a win win! All the items were perfect for getting the kids in the Halloween spirit and they all got to create together and just be kids. I know they are growing up fast but I want them to hold on to being little and enjoying their childhood as long as they can. I even loved creating and playing with these products with them. Midware has kids in mind all the way!

Make sure to stop by Mindware when shopping for Halloween they truly do have the perfect gifts for kids of all ages big and small! Also be sure to follow them on social media below for contests, special promotions, new product launches and so much more!


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  1. So many fun items for kids to enjoy here. I know my 2 granddaughters (sisters) would love the scented stickers and Fairy Light.


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