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Smithfield Food Inc. | Ham Recipes & Preparation

Founded in 1936, Smithfield Food Inc was originally named the “Smithfield Packing Company.” The corporation originated in Smithfield, Virginia, but now is an international, global powerhouse. Smithfield Food Inc. is the largest producer of pigs and pork in the world.

Within the United States, Smithfield Food Inc. contracts with over 2,000 farms where independent farmers produced famous pigs and pork. On top of that, Smithfield owns 500 pig farms of its own. And remember, that’s only within the United States! Smithfield Food Inc. is a global corporation, producing pigs and pork in Mexico, Poland, Romania, Germany and the UK. The company employs over 50,000 people in its many facilities around the world. There are meat processing plants in Tarheel, North Carolina was reported to be the world’s largest, at 973,000 square feet. That plant alone processes 32,000 pigs every day.

With so much pork being produced, it’s imperative that there are healthy pork recipes out there to choose from. Following will be a list of some fantastic, delicious and, more importantly, healthy recipes. Enjoy!

Preparing the Ham
In order to enjoy a healthy ham recipe, you must know the proper way to prepare ham. Below is a piece of the official way to prepare your Smithfield country ham, paraphrased directly from their website. (Note: If you have purchased a cooked ham, there is no more preparation necessary. Just slice the ham thin and enjoy. If you prefer a glaze, you will need to warm the ham in the oven with the glaze, but there is no need to fully cook the ham as it comes fully prepared).

Preparing an Uncooked Country Ham:
(See resources online for more in-depth descriptions of each step. Steps 1 and 2 have instructions directly from Smithfield here).

  • 1. Wash and soak your ham. 

  • 2.Cook your ham. Your choices are water cooking (recommended), or oven cooking. 

  • 3.Allow your ham to cool off. (Be sure to avoid dangerous temperatures where bacteria can ruin your ham). 

  • 4. Find a healthy recipe, either online or in a recipe book. 

  • 5. Complete your task by cooking the recipe with your fresh ham inside it. 

Healthy Recipes
You can find hundreds of healthy ham recipes online. The resources for this are endless. Here’s a link to some of our favorite easy country ham recipes.

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