Sunday, September 30, 2018

My Favorite Household Cleaner Mean Green Orange Champ

The cleaning power of Mean Green is awesome.  My favorite product is Mean Green Orange Champ!  Not only is it a powerful cleaner, I love the citrus scent of orange when I clean. You can use on most surfaces in your house.  That's what I am talking about! You know we all got that one cleaner we use on everything?  Well, Mean Green Orange Champ is mine.  I always have it handy and it works great.' And, it leaves my home with a great scent, not overpowering, like some cleaners.

Having that bottle in the kitchen, especially while I am cooking helps me clean fast and efficient.  I like to wash the dishes while I cook and wipe off the counter that may have gotten soiled.  Mean Green Orange Champ is your friend.  Spray and wipe and continue on with your meal.  When it is time to finish all washing, you can use on your stove,counter tops and table.  It is great in the fridge, too.  Leave your kitchen sparkling clean !  Don;t forget your range hood or garbage can.

Mean Green Orange Power is great in the laundry room,as well.  Wipe of your washer and dryer.  I know my dryer is covered in lint sometimes and it drives me nuts.  Orange Power to the rescue.  Just spray on and wipe off,   Its great on the washer, too.  Inside your washer, residue builds up in the pesky corners.  I have used a cotton swab sprayed with Orange Blast and the inside of my washer does not have that residue built up in the corners.  TIP:  Leave your washer lid open to keep it fresh and the build up of residue will not happen as often!

I love using the Orange Green in my bathroom,  We all know how the scum can build up in our showers or bath tub! YUCK!!  Get that Mean Green Orange Power and spray and wipe.  If you have some super hard to clean spots, you can let it sit for a few minutes before you wipe off.  Use on your floors and toilet, too.

Well, I have shared my favorite ways to use Meen Green Orange Power in my household.  What ways have you used Mean Green Orange Power or if you have another Mean Green favorite. Tell me in the comments below!

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