Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Fun Way To Keep Kids Hydrated

Do you have trouble getting your little one to drink enough water? Do you always wonder how much they are drinking? Sierra my three year old loves pop and sweet drinks. It is always a challenge to be sure she is drinking enough water. Gululu is an interactive sippy cup that keeps track of your child's water intake.

The more they drink the further they progress in the game. Each time you hit certain drinking goals you collect stars. Your child can use theirs stars to purchase different outfits and accessories for your child's character. Gululu gives back! For each Gululu purchased one child will be given drinking water for life.

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Expiration date: October 1, 2018

Gululu fosters a love of drinking water in your child. They even include character stickers for the kids to decorate their cups with and letters to personalize it! Mine love games and gadgets anyway so Gululu is perfect. Sierra can take it in the go and have a cute game to play in the car. Gululu goes everywhere with her. I love that she is no longer asking for a sweet drink before bed she fills her Gululu up and sees how much progress she has made toward her drinking goals. Sierra loves her Gululu and we do to. Take advantage of the great offer above and get your Gululu today.

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