Saturday, July 7, 2018

Tips to Add a Modern Twist to a Traditional Home

Your home can present a real decorating challenge; how do you give a completely new look to a house that's maybe a little older? Giving a fresh new flair to an older building or home can be a bit of a head-scratcher, but with the simple tips and tricks, you can give your home a fun and modern twist. 

1) Invest in Some Art

No matter how old or new your walls at, a nice piece of contemporary art can add a pop of pizazz and color to any room. Having a seasonal rotation of pieces that you hang on your walls can keep your decorating scheme fun and current. Art does not have to be an expensive investment; check out some local artists or thrift shops to see what they have available. This little flash of character will contribute greatly to your new decorating scheme.

2) Change Up Your Layout

Perhaps your furniture has been in the same place forever and is now looking a little drab. Instantly spice up a room by simply rearranging the pieces you already have. Don't settle for one change, try a variety of different combinations until you are satisfied with the look and feel of the room. There are countless combinations that you can try so inevitably, you will find a new look that you love.

3) Bring Some Culture Into Your Home 
Cultures throughout the world present beautiful colors, patterns, and decorating schemes in their own way. For instance, a traditional Chinese print may look gorgeous in your bathroom. This is a great way to look back and discover your roots through decoration. Is your family from Italy? Germany? Japan? Research typical decoration schemes from these countries and bring your roots back into your home. Look around for inspiration and try out different cultural looks in different parts of the house. This will give each room its' own identity and help you keep your home and decorating scheme from becoming boring.

4) Stick To The Solids

While prints can be fun, too much print basically just scream "grandma". Your walls should be solid, basic colors that allow the individual decorations you select to stand out. Wallpapers and patterned designs walk a fine line between "fun" and "tacky", so when in doubt stick to the basics and find a solid color that you can work with.

5) Be Light, Be Bright

There is nothing more inviting than a gorgeous room with beautiful lighting. This will make guests feel welcomed and cozy. Try to incorporate natural light into your home as much as possible. Having mirrored elements in the room will help accentuate light. Decorating with light colors will do the trick as well. This design scheme will give your space a larger and friendlier feel and will help modernize even the dullest, oldest room. 

6) Invest in Cute Furniture

Quality furniture is timeless and classic. You will not be sorry when you invest in comfortable modern leather furniture. This will fit into any room and compliment any color scheme. Furniture is something you should never, ever skimp out on, and comfortable modern leather furniture will only help your look and design.

These tips should help give a fresh modern twist to your traditional home.

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