Sunday, July 8, 2018

MINTED Helps You Get Baby Ready With Amazing Room Decor

With the newest addition to our family we have been doing huge redecorting and redoing of children's rooms in our home. Minted is amazing for home decor especially baby room decoations. We just welcomed our fourth little one Kierran and repurposed a room for him although he generally sleeps in his co sleeper with us in our room. 

Minted has beautiful prints for baby rooms I was super excited to see that had a bunch of safari themed prints in several sizes. Safari went perfect with my decor in the room so far. I loved the leopard and the elephant prints as well as the zebras and giraffes it was so hard to choose. In the end I went with what matched best and what my other children liked. I figure kids know what animals will look best in a baby room.

I also loved thecute throw pillows, floor pillows, curtains, lampshades and hampers. The animal safari theme I have going for decor now is working out well. The Minted items I purchased really tied the baby room together they were from the jungle safari collection and made a huge impact visually!
We love our Minted items and they make our nursery complete!


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