Monday, June 18, 2018

Neck and Back Injuries

I flinch when I even hear the words neck or back injuries because they are so painful, complex and hard to get over. As many of my readers know I was in a car accident two years ago and suffered three compression fractures to my back as well as a slew of other injuries. The night that we wrecked I didn't even go to the ER I was running n adrenaline and it hurt but wasn't unbearable at the time. The next morning I couldn't rollover to get out of the bed let alone stand up. I went straight into the ER and found out my back was fractured in the three areas. It was one of the scariest feelings I ever had to deal with in my life The doctor told me if I coughed wrong I could be paralyzed for life.

Everything goes through your mind how will you work, who will help you take care of your kids and when will the pain get better? Day by day I could tell very little difference I just wasn't getting better because I was scared to do any activity. The doctor recommended I try physical therapy. My first thought was there is no way I can do physical therapy my back is broke. My mother an RN convinced me to give it a try as I wasn't doing any better home laying in bed all day. It was my saving grace. After many weeks of physical therapy I began seeing relief and feeling like I might be able to function and live again Today I am more or less pain free my back rarely bothers me.

Finding the right lower back pain treatment in the form of physical therapy saved my quality of life and helped me heal faster than I ever could have on my own. Cawley Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are experts in back and neck pain treatments. They offer many different services to help you on the path to recovery Be sure to ask your doctor what you can do to help your back and neck pain and if physical therapy is right for you. It just might give you back your life!

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