Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Snazaroo Ten Looks In Ten Minutes Plus A Giveaway

I love doing little projects with the kids. Snazaroo has a cool new challenge to share with you guys. Snazaroo just came out with their new line of paint brush face painting pens and they asked me to create ten looks in under ten minutes I was not paid for this post. We had so much fun with this challenge and compiled our looks. Some of our looks went over time so we had to create actually well more than ten but it was so much fun and the kids loved it! Even if you are not artistic these brush pens make it simple to create amazing looks. They have three colors in each available kit and five different kits avialable. 

Snazaroo Brush Pen’s precision brush nib is designed to make it easy to master the biggest or smallest details while having full control over the amount of paint used. Available in 12 colors, the liquid paint is fragrance and paraben free making it safe for any application and suitable for sensitive skin. When the fun is over, the liquid paint is easy to remove and wash off due to its water-based formula!
Our favorite looks are pictured below:

Our ten in under ten minutes looks were a Hippie Chic, Minion, Raggedy Anne, Clown, Cat, Zombie, Indian, Fairy, and the Hulk. Each of these looks takes about one minute. The Camouflage Army Man with the bullet hole tales a bit more time and we couldn't use it in our ten under ten challenge. 

The Hulk and Minion are the simplest of these two designs for boys. The Hulk was actually the base for the army man pictured above. For the hulk you need only a few simple steps. First blend the entire face to green. Add hulk black hair. Add the infamous Hulk mouth. Last add contour lines like you would do if lining your eye brows around the eyes nose and mouth creating a mean look. Think fun the great thing about paint is you can't really mess up you can always blend or just start over if your look goes wrong. The Minion design is the same basic steps. Start by creating an entire yellow base coat. Draw large circles around both eyes color those in white. Line the eyes completely in a circular motion above and below the eye lids creating the look of Minion glasses, Draw your glasses on going around like the band the minion wears. This is just 3 simple lines. One starting at the hair line to the glasses, one in between both eyes and one going from the glasses to the hair line. I recommend the Minion for smaller children it is very simple!

The simplest designs for the girls in my opinion is the hippie Chic. There are so many easy ways you can do this look. We chose a flower head band with a feather dangling from it. But for simplicity if you are not a great or experienced painter stick with the flower headband only. Draw dots across the forehead in the shape of a headband. Begin making flowers out of each of the dots by simply doing four paint strokes out from each dot creating flowers. Link the flowers together with a broken line being careful not to cover your flowers creating the finished head band look. All Hippie Chic's need a head band!

For more ideas check out Snazaroo's How To Guides here be sure to check out Snazaroo's products and follow them on social media below;


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