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Which Lasers are Best for Acne Scarring?

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Acne is an outgrowth on the skin often caused due to hormonal imbalance, clogged pores and excess oil overproduced by hair follicles on the skin. Acnes or pimples can happen any time and during any age. When acne is healed, it may leave scar due to the skin scarring during the acne growth process. While some acne scars fade on their own, many inflammatory acnes leave deep scars that stay on the skin forever. Even after topical treatment and medicinal treatment, these deep scars often don’t fade.
Cause of Acne Scars:
Acne scars are a result of inflamed lesions caused due to the pimples, cyst, papule or pustules. When inflamed cells on the skin produce excess sebum and oil, it results in a zit or acne. While some varieties of zits heal on their own, a number of them become severe, painful and cause lesions by breaking the skin cell and follicle wall. Severe lesions also ooze fluids and damage the underlying skin cells. This process results in the damage of a healthy skin tissue, which often leaves a scar. Although collagen in our skin cells act against the skin damage and tries to repair the acne scars, it never gives a smooth and flawless look as before the acne outbreak. Acnes scars can be effectively treated with laser treatment.

Laser Treatment For all types of Acne Scars:
Laser treatment is an effective treatment for diminishing acne scars. Intense pulse light and laser rays treat the affected area in a non-evasive way and clear the damaged cells without a trace of any mark. Because laser rays can reach deep into the skin, it stimulates the natural healing process too. As a result, skin cells produce more collagen and rebuild the damaged skin eventually.
In recent days, laser skin treatment has become one of the most popular and effective non-evasive treatment for acne scars. The best part of the treatment is that the process is super quick. Each session of a laser treatment takes less than 40 minutes. Depending on the severity of skin damage, the size of the damaged area and the type of acne scars, your cosmetic surgeon will decide how many sessions you will need.
In most cases, the number of recommended sessions for treating skin scars is four to six. Usually, the treatments are conducted over a period of sixty days to completely diminish the scars. Laser skin treatment also naturally boosts the condition of your skin by improving the production of collagen and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and visible skin pores. After each session of laser treatment, your skin will appear rejuvenated with a flawless skin and a better texture. The laser scar treatment also works beautifully on all skin types.

Which Laser Treatments are Best For Acne Scars?
In this day and age, there are many revolutionary laser treatments available for skin care. However, the type of laser treatments that work best for acne scars include: frazel laser, carbon dioxide laser, pixilation and fractional laser treatment. Based on each patient’s needs, the laser therapist will decide the type of laser treatment suitable for their acne scars, skin problem and type. Here is a detailed list of laser treatment that work best for acne scars.

1. Frazel Laser:This type of laser skin treatment works beautifully in diminishing skin scars. Frazel laser is non-ablative laser, which doesn’t vaporize any skin cells. With each application of laser rays, this process heals the tissue cells by releasing laser heat through the skin cell columns. The application of heat stimulates collagen production naturally too.
Frazel laser treatments are totally non-ablative and tighten the skin by producing new collagen. Collagen, the natural skin protein, helps in tighter, youthful and wrinkle-free skin. This laser treatment works best for superficial acne scars and mild acne scarring. Deep acne scars with pitted spots, heavy pigmentations and indentations cannot be treated with this type of laser therapy.

2. Carbon Dioxide Lasers:Carbon Dioxide lasers are relatively new in the acne scar treatment field. However, these treatments provide the best result in comparison to the Frazel laser treatments. In this process, surgeons use a high beam of short burst lasers to treat the affected areas on your skin.
With the high-energy carbon dioxide laser, the cosmetic surgeon effectively vaporizes the damaged acne cells deep within the skin tissue. This process takes a bit longer because of the laser application layer by layer. The intensity of laser is selected based on the indentation of scars caused due to acne.
Because this process uses high-energy lasers, the recovery process after the treatment requires at least three to ten days.

3. Fractional Laser Treatment:
The process of fractional laser treatment is quite similar to the Frazel laser treatment. The aim of this treatment is also to boost collagen production. However, unlike the frazel laser treatment, cosmetic surgeons only target a smaller portion of the skin to treat with the fractional laser treatment. By stimulating the natural collagen production, skin tissues heal faster with a natural boost in collagen.

4. Pixilation:Pixilation is one of the most advanced and newest dermatological laser treatment often used to treat deep scars caused due to acne. This method of skin resurfacing uses small laser points to treat affected regions. Cosmetic surgeons only target the affected area and leave the rest of the skin surface untouched.
During the treatment process, skin is exposed to small pin-sized laser penetration pulses. Surgeons control the strength of the pulses based on the deepness of the scars. While Active Fx rays target the upper skin layers, the Deep Fx rays are meant for damages deep within the skin.

Advantages of Laser Treatment:

• The process of laser treatment is quick and non-evasive.

• These cosmetic plastic surgeries are safe and free from harmful chemicals too.

• Plus, patients will see quick results from the laser treatments than any other acne scar treatments available.

Dr. Joseph Rucker is a board certified plastic surgeon with five years of experience in residence surgery and three years residency in plastic surgery. He performs a number of cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments at his clinic in Eau Claire in central Wisconsin. For more information, visit here.

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