Sunday, April 29, 2018

WAXING POETIC JEWELRY The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

 "Celebrates the potential for transformation in all of us".  Their jewelry "pays homage to the journey of our lives, where we come from what our stories are how they have influenced both the world and  ourselves."

Waxing Poetic Jewelry's found again pendant with hearts and arrows. The natural look comes from being handcrafted from brass, sterling silver and the heart is formed from swarovski crystals.  Contained in their name is

Poetry which can be interpreted different by each person. Some would look at the pendant as a symbol of  love or lovers, Valentines Day, others may see love and war. So many interpretations from just from a glance. The pendant found again heart and arrows sparks a passion for my love of nature and my Cherokee roots. It gives me something to believe in. The natural earth elements and crystals give me a feeling of strength and inner peace. My eyes see the arrows as strength and survival from my life that has made me what I am. While I see the crystals that form the heart as a different strength through calmness and love.

The pendant  inspires beauty, artistic expression,  spirituality, healing, love of family, nature and  life.  The found again pendant with heart and arrows is only one piece of many handcrafted works from the hearts of two sisters whose poetic, artistic passion shines through in beauty, quality, and presentation.  I genuinely enjoy just looking through the catalogue and admiring the jewelry and how it is portrayed and displayed.  I would highly recommend Waxing Poetic Jewelry either for a me gift or as  a gift of love, friendship, hope, appreciation, accomplishments. Appropriate for anything from weddings, graduations or a newly found job or business venture.  The perfect  gift.......

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