Saturday, March 10, 2018

NCIRCLE Easter DVD's and a Giveaway

Are you looking for the perfect Easter basket stuffers this year! NCircle has some amazing Easter DVD's and a giveaway for you just enter below and check out the titles below!

Guess How Much I Love You: An Enchanting Easter

DVD pressing. Enjoy this Easter special adventure based on the classic picture book that has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, written by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram and published by Walker Books. When Little Nutbrown Hare sees a pure white fawn shining and dancing in the moonlight his friends think he's making it up. They venture through the woody woods in the next valley, down the streamy stream and pass the rocky rocks to find her but as their doubt grows, she is right there hiding on the patches of white snow, thinking it's a big game of hide and seek. She promises to visit them on Easter Day making Easter that much more special for all.

Floogals: Project Egg Hunt

DVD pressing. Each day, Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, and Junior Boomer encounter something that sparks their curiosity, setting in motion the day's research "project" and triggering an exciting adventure! In Project Egg Hunt, the Floogals mistakenly think Mom and Dad Hooman have accidently dropped candy eggs in the garden when in fact they have placed them there on purpose to create an egg hunt for their kids. The Floogals think they are being helpful and tidy up the eggs! Once the Floogals realize their mistake, they must get all the eggs back on the ground before the kids arrive so their fun day won't be ruined. Adventure is everywhere they go. They're the Floogals! 3, 2, 1, let's go!



  1. this would be for my little niece

  2. For my cousin!


  3. My grandkids would love this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. Oh this would be for our little one. He loves watching the Floogals!

  5. My daughter because this would be a great Easter Basket stuffer to give her and she would be so thrilled. She loves getting new DVD cartoons and Floogals would be great to add to her collection. Thanks for the chance!


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