Saturday, March 3, 2018

3 Must See Colorado Springs Attractions

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Are you in the mood for travel or looking to relocate? Colorado Springs is an amazing travel destination and one of the top ten places to live in the United States. If you are planning to travel you must check out these three must see Colorado Springs attractions all unique and beautiful in their own way! You may just decide it is the place for you to settle down. If so Colorado Springs Real Estate agency Redfin can help! Check out these three amazing travel destinations below.

The Garden of the Gods is my favorite Colorado Springs destinations. First you will want to stop at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center it is the most visited attraction in the Pikes Peak region, offering free admission, amazing views, new interactive museum exhibits, world class shopping, and the fun and exciting Geo-Trekker Theater movie experience. There are also lots of informational packets and more available there about what to enjoy while visiting Garden of the Gods and Colorado Springs many other attractions. Whether you want to enjoy the hiking and trails, shopping, cafe, gallery or exhibits there is something for everyone. In 2008 a new dinosaur fossil discovery was made and announced to the world found at the Garden of the Gods. On May 24, 2008 Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center announced the world's only known fossil of an entirely new dinosaur species, Theiophytalia kerri. Theios is of Greek origin, meaning "belonging to the gods" and phytalia means "garden." kerri honors the name of the scientist who first discovered this 125 million year old skull in Garden of the Gods Park. It is a great educational experience for the kids to check out the dinosaur exhibit. Garden of the Gods has some of the most amazing rock formations you will ever see!

Pikes Peak Rising 8,000 feet above Colorado Springs has been beckoning visitors since the 19th century. Gold brought in the pioneers, but it was the richness of the mountain's natural beauty that kept them. The views from this pink granite mountain were so stunning, they inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write the words to the patriotic song, "America the Beautiful." The famous Colorado Gold Rush slogan, "Pikes Peak or Bust," applies to tourists, every year, thousands of hikers tackle the climb in search of spectacular photos, families get a taste of history while riding the Pikes Peak Cog Railway and stunting enthusiasts get their thrills along the winding 19-mile Pikes Peak Highway.

If you're visiting Colorado Springs with kids Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a must. Enjoy hundreds of furry, scaly and feathery creatures. While there, feed a giraffe, take a spin on the zoo's chairlift-style, open-air ride and take photos with the zoo's occupants during animal encounters. The giraffes are by far the visitor favorite. Recent travelers loved feeding the giraffes, most say it is a great activity for kids and parents alike. We have been to many zoos and aquariums but have yet to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo we plan to on this summers trip. It looks exciting and prices are very family friendly! The facility is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Peak season (June through September) admission costs $24.75 for adults ages 12 to 64, $19.75 for kids ages 3 to 11 and $0.75 for infants 2 and younger. Admission is slightly reduced during non-peak days (March through November) and value days (December through February). Note that some of the zoo's special activities cost extra.

With all the fun awaiting you in Colorado Springs what are you waiting for? We have already been once and this year will make our second trip. We have family there and enjoy visiting them and seeing the amazing attractions of Colorado Springs. It truly is beautiful and amazing and well worth relocating to my family loves it in Colorado Springs. It may be just the place for you!

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  1. My nephew just moved out to Colorado last month! I am so sad for me, but happy for him! If you could of read the reasons he gave me for moving there, it is a lot like what you mentioned in your article - it is truly beautiful and amazing!!
    I’m sold :)


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