Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Speed Away With The Perfect Gift From Modarri

I am always looking for unique gifts for the boys. Girls seem so easy to buy for but boys seem so much harder. My boys are 7 and 9 and they have particular interests; likes and dislikes and overall are harder to buy gifts for. What boy doesn't love model cars though? I was so excited to run across Modarri. Modarri is so much more than just a model car kit.

I tried the Modarri Delux 3 Pack Set and the Delux S2 Muscle Set. Modarri has any and every design you can imagine and allows you to not only build a model car but create your own masterpiece. Modarri kits come with all the components needed to build your cars. The screws and everything are included and are simple and easy for kids small hands. The video below shows a bit more on how to build with Modarri. 

My boys have had many model car kits. Most were either too hard, the car models were plain or just outdated and the did not hold their interest. We had a much better experience with Modarri. The kids loved the bright colors and how easy the parts were to piece together. My seven and nine year old both built cars and with little to no help from me. I was very surprised and loved that they felt accomplished. Modarri is priced very affordably and is the perfect kids gift this holiday season. Most cars end up at around twenty bucks each making it a great price for gifting. It is also wonderful for kids to just create and play with. Kids can even register their vehicle and get car perks to soup up the deal! Modarri truly makes building a fun and interactive experience.

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  1. I wished I would have seen this review before the holidays ended! It is so true that it is harder to shop for boys than it is girls!! I shared this on Facebook so when I need to buy my grandsons a birthday gift, I would remember Modarri. Thank you for sharing!


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