Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Explore The World & Learn Your Fossils, Metamorphic Rock and Minerals

Educational Insights is always my first stop when shopping for my children or buying gifts for other children. Be it a birthday, Christmas gift or just an I Love You special present; Educational Insights offers the highest quality educational toys on the market. This is evident by the many awards their toys receive. I was so excited the kids were able to experience the Puzzle Globe, Metamorphic Rock Collection, Fossil Collection, and Mineral Collection.

These are the perfect gifts to get children excited about learning and going back to school. Educational Insight's products are also great items for homeschooling parents. My children absolutely loved them. The Puzzle Globe is really large and perfect for children's room decor. It is bright colored and grabs kids attention. My husband is a huge history buff and knows a lot of  facts and tid bits. "Social Studies" type knowledge as I call it because it reminds me of our high school Social Studies course. We loved the puzzle globe! It is a product that brings the whole family together for a night of fun, learning and bonding. Play "Globetrotters" and see where you land. All you have to do is ask everyone to name a fact about the place that they land on. You can blind fold each player on their turn and have someone spin the globe around then let the player pick a spot without being able to see.  Nothing is more amazing or beautiful than exploring our world. We try to instill those experiences in our children.

My kids are visual learners and learn better when they can see touch and feel. So the Metamorphic Rock Collection, Fossil Collection, and Mineral Collection were hands on learning tools. I loved being able to teach them about fossils, minerals and metamorphic rock. They were truly interested in seeing each specimen from the collections and learning what they were. I loved that they were learning and having fun so they didn't even realize they were learning!

The Educational Insight's Puzzle Globe, Metamorphic Rock Collection, Fossil Collection, and Mineral Collection make the perfect gift. Be sure to check out their site below and follow the on social media below for contests, giveaways and more below:

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  1. Wow this sounds really super cool it calls out to the kid in myself honestly But more importantly I'd love to get this for my kids I had no idea this was even out there thanks for the info I'll definitely be looking at educational insights from now on when I do my shopping My kids too are visual learners especially my son I think he would be thrilled with the metamorphic mineral and fossil rock collections as he already collects on his own and the globe sounds really fun and awesome and interesting too I'm very intrigued


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