Friday, December 15, 2017

Decorations That Will Wow The Neighborhood!

Do you want the flashiest best decorated house on the block? If so the Star Shower Slideshow and Window Wonderland are for you! Wow the neighbors with a lighting show like no other. Play your own Christmas movie for the neighborhood to see! I am in love with the possibilities and different decorating options from Star Shower, These are the most unique and amazing lights you could ever imagine.

With three kids and one on the way I have very little time for decorating. I also can not lift on anything heavy but wanted to do some decorating for the kids. Star Shower Slideshow was my solution. It is simple and easy to install and you can change the decorations in so many ways. It also is not just for Christmas. Easily transition your homes decor from holiday to holiday by changing the slides. The Christmas slides included range from little Santa's dancing, snowflakes, candy canes, ribbons, bows, trees, to even stockings and much more. There is a very wide variety. There are slides for celebrations and Halloween included. They think of all the holidays balloons, Easter bunnies and even Valentine's Day hearts. I just love how easily this goes together no lights to string every where or replacing burnt out bulbs. 

The Window Wonderland is essentially the same idea except it plays a movie! My kids loved this. It was perfect for their class and their extracurricular activities. I can not wait to let the boy-scouts group they are in check this out. The kids loved it! We made hot cocoa and it was so cute it is like your very own little outdoor theater.

It includes six Halloween and six Christmas films. I love how it isn't just for the one holiday and it is fun year around as everyone loves scary movies and the Halloween films are great for camp outs and so much more. Simple and easy to set up and fun for the whole family. We will use this for many years to come! It is the perfect gift this holiday season.

Make sure to check out Star Shower you can purchase yours below:


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