Friday, December 15, 2017

Cabbage Patch JR Kids Are Perfect Gifts!

This holiday season I was reminded of my childhood and my love for Cabbage Patch Kids. I had everyone I could get my hands on with birth certificates and all. I thought I was cool; Wicked Cool. The great folks at Wicked Cool Toys are bringing those great memories to you now with the Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts collection. 

Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts are miniature versions of Cabbage Patch Kids. The Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts come in rare and ultra rare as well as collectible varieties and even have their own little pets. My daughter loves the Lil' Patch Pet Center. She loves animals and loves creating scenes and playing make believe with all her characters. This was perfect for her. She has played hours and hours with the Vet Center. She loves the little dog house and I see her putting her puppy in it as well as her cat from time to time and interactively playing. 

I love how this sparks imaginative play for Sierra. She just turned three but is very advanced for her age. She checks her paper each time she gets a new character to see if it is rare, ultra rare or just collectible and fun. Either way she loves them it is a new one for her collection. There are so many cute ways to play with the Lil' Sprouts. Sierra noticed on her own you could change the legs and heads and she calls this changing their outfits. She says they love to swap. The dog house detaches so it can actually be connected to the Vet Center or set off to the side. Sierra got her first rare so she was very excited and had me place it up in her jewelry box so she would not loose it.
I love watching her play with toys I played with as a child. It brings back great memories for me of times when game systems and computers weren't the only things children knew. I love the nostalgia and knowing Cabbage Patch Kids is a great brand for kids to play with. You can find Cabbage Patch Lil' Sprouts in stores and online at retailers nationwide including Wal-Mart.

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  1. I would have so much with these if I were a kid!

  2. These are super cute. I used to have the large, doll cabbage patch kids when I was little.


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