Monday, November 27, 2017

May The Force Be With You This Holiday Season and A Giveaway!

This is a sponsored post. I received payment and product in exchange for this post but all opinions are one hundred percent my own. 

This holiday season may the force be with you; Multiforce. Multiforce is the new all natural supplement solution to acidity. With all these holiday meals coming up and all the candy and treats coming at me as well as my recent revelation that I will be having baby number four; I have been experiencing horrible acid indigestion. Multiforce is an all natural mineral supplement available in 3 flavors that not only helps acid indigestion but prevents it from ever happening.

My favorite variety is the Lemon but the Mango is a close second and the Unflavored variety really is more or less tasteless and can be paired with any drink. Acid builds up for a lot of different reasons; too much stress and the most common factor a bad diet lacking in fruits and vegetables or heavy in sweets, meat and dairy; even too much sugar and or coffee. Or are you suffering from heartburn, gout, kidney stones, joint pain, fatigue, over-activity or osteoarthritis? Do you not drink enough water?All of these things can cause your body to be highly acidic, Multiforce may be just the solution you need! Multiforce doesn't just stop acid when you feel it for one day it is a comprehensive approach and actually treats the acidity problem long term. Give the perfect gift this holiday season to yourself, a family member, friend or loved one; Multiforce!

Multiforce is taken daily and contains the perfect combinations of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and mineral salts that help reduce the harmful effects of acidity to maintain the perfect pH balance between acid and alkaline. Multiforce actually helps your body to re-calibrate its pH balance between acid and alkaline to help mitigate the symptoms of numerous lifestyle-related diseases not just excess acid. Multiforce helps you live life, balanced by getting your pH balanced. Try Multiforce now with this 2 week free sample and start seeing the benefits for yourself; just click the link here to get your free sample. You do pay $3.95 for shipping and handling but this is an $18 value and a great way for skeptics to see the benefits of Multiforce. You will be amazed and ready to purchase before your trial ends!

With all my pregnancies I have had horrible morning sickness and acid indigestion to the point of barely being able to hold down drinks. Now being pregnant with child four the stomach problems have returned full force. Thankfully this time I had Multiforce. I began my regimen 17 days ago and I can already tell such a difference. I went from being able to eat only small portions of bland foods like potatoes, rice and  not being able to enjoy my morning coffee (which if you are a regular reader on my blog you all know I love my coffee and spicy foods) to within a week being able to eat a regular Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I was amazed because I figured this would be another year of me being sic not being able to eat and the whole family being worried trying to offer me food. That is such an awkward feeling especially if you are like I was hungry just knowing what you ate would have sickening consequences. Multiforce is my miracle supplement! Being pregnant I was worried to take anything but Multiforce is all natural so as recommended I consulted my regular physician who said there is nothing to worry about. She looked over all the ingredients and agreed with the claims that Multiforce is even beneficial during pregnancy. The minerals are all key minerals your body needs anytime especially during pregnancy! I am amazed and would reccomend Multiforce to anyone!

Multiforce wants to give two lucky fans a chance to win their own Multiforce product assortment just enter below! Make sure to check out Multiforce when shopping this holiday season. Be sure to follow on social media, get your free sample and place your order below:



  1. to help my body out when it gets sluggish

  2. I think my favorite would be Mango. As I've gotten older, I find that I can't eat the way I used to and some foods bother me now at night while I'm trying to sleep. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I'd like the Mango flavor Multiforce!


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