Thursday, November 2, 2017

Got A Great Business Idea Get Business Funding

This is a sponsored post on behalf of DiamondBloggers for Capital Alliance. My opinion is 100 percent my own even though Financial Compensation was received!

Starting my own business was always something I dreamed of. At age 26 I made my dream a partial reality and began my first at home blog Free For All Fans. I started at the bottom like most in the media industry but I had drive and more than drive I had children depending on me. My husband was a miner who made great money. Our family wanted for nothing and overnight that all changed. My husband was laid off from a job he had for years when he was scheduled to return to the job we found out that instead of the 5 minute commute he had it would be closer to a 5 hour commute. My first thought was h would not be around to raise the kids and that was something I could not even fathom this for our children. My husbands Father died on the job and was overworked to the point that he rarely got to see his sons. I just saw this replaying for my kids and knew we had to do something different.

We started out with an idea! I wanted to turn my part time hobby of bogging into a full time job. A job that made real money. Trying new products was great because I never had to buy anything. My husband at first took any odd jobs he could grass mowing, carpentry. Those first years were hard. We had no idea what we were doing! As quick as his job ended in the mines our job as a blogging family started. It was wither sink or swim. Things continued to get better and better as I learned more and gained followers. So not only was the blog making enough money enough that we could scrape by the site was starting to grow. I wish in these first years I had known about Capital Alliance!

My days were filled with three little ones, lots of diaper changes, stress stress and more stress, trying to work out contracts and agreements from our two bedroom trailer.Our trailer filled with files, diapers, printers, fax machines and babies. We were making money but we needed so many things that we just couldn't afford to take our business to the next level. Our next adventure in the world of small businesses would be choosing a brand. A process I truly feel I didn't get right until this year. Free For All Mommy was born and one again did great. We made a lot more than we had on the old site Free For All. I was not a deal or couponing blog though and still had the word Free In my blogs name. That was a bad thing for my site. It attached me to an area I was not even knowledgeable in. I would study other sites for hours and learned how to coupon and to find and post deals. I hated it though. It was all about the money. I always felt like I was stuck in between. We were on the verge of doing something great and the verge of bankruptcy.

Capital Alliance was founded to solve a major problem that small businesses were facing: access to capital. Their mission is to provide quick, simple, and transparent solutions for businesses to obtain capital. Since it’s inception, Capital Alliance has funded over $500 million to thousands of small businesses. Just this year we saved enough to rebrand one last time to In The Know With JoJo. I finally had a blog that I felt fit me. For me this was the biggest deal maker. I had my lifestyle blog I had always wanted and the FREE out of my name. I am finally happy and at a place I have never been. The sites views more than tripled the first month we changed over. That is a big deal as Free For All had twenty thousand plus views per month. My new site had surpassed all my expectations. I had finally found my niche. In bogging finding your niche is like being able to tie your own shoes. It is a must!

Now that you have heard my story know this is not the case for many bloggers trying to create their own small business blog. Over half the girls I started blogging with no longer blog. It just didn't work out financially, family wise or whatever reason their dreams were shattered. My only problem was financially I could not afford to change over my site even though it was very inexpensive less than $500 total and pay my bills. If I had known what help Capital Alliance could have been in my process they would have been my first call. Not only has Capital Alliance funded over $500 million to thousands of small businesses; Capital Alliance gives back by offering a scholarship. Are you interested in starting your own business?

The Capital Alliance scholarship was created to help students interested in higher education reach their goal of attending college or university. Interested applicants will have an opportunity to be granted a $1,000 college scholarship to be used towards higher education expenses in 2018. To be eligible, complete the application by December 1, 2017. A committee will select one winner at the end of December 2017 and the scholarship will be awarded before January 31, 2017. The following people are eligible for the Capital Alliance academic scholarship:
1. American High school students graduating this calendar year, and have been accepted into a college, or university in the USA.
2. Students currently enrolled in a college or university, and not having reached their senior year.
Capital Alliance wants to hear your answer to this question; “From a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education?” This should be a short essay (under 500 words). When you fill out your application please complete each section of the form and all fields are required. By submitting an application, the applicant gives Capital Alliance and affiliated companies consent to use their essay, name and information for marketing and promotional purposes. There are no costs or fees associated with application for this academic scholarship. The submission deadline is December 1, 2017. The winner will be selected by the end of December, 2017. The winner will be contacted in early January, and have two weeks to respond. If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be selected. Click Here Go To The Capital Alliance Website Now And Fill Out Your Application Form ! Why wait? Make sure you do everything you can to make your dreams become reality and let Capital Alliance help along the way!

Check out Capital Alliance site where you can apply online. It takes about 15 minutes to provide Capital Alliance with your basic business and ownership information. You will receive a decision in 24 hours. Review the loan terms to make sure it makes sense for your business. Sign documents electronically and receive funds directly to your business checking account. The only minimum requirement is you must be in business at least 1 year in business and over $100,000 in annual revenue. You will need your business information more information on what business information you need can be found here, ownership information, income information and taxpayer id. It is that simple!

If you dream of starting a small business look no further check out Capital Alliance Gives Back Scholarship Opportunity and follow Capital Alliance twitter on social media and Capital Alliance Facebook on social media! 

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