Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Enjoy A Sweet Treat This Holiday Season!

Calling all my sweet loving readers out there check out 240 Sweet! If you are looking for a unique and tasty gift this season check out the 240 Sweet Decadent Drinking Chocolate Mix paired with Bourbon Cinnamon marshmallows . It is sure to please all ages. My kids said the marshmallows tasted like cinnamon toast crunch!

These marshmallows are not your average marshmallow. They are decadent! The flavor is so unique and the marshmallows are so soft they melt in your mouth. I loved the hot chocolate pop in a  marshmallow or two and sit back and relax. They have every kind of marshmallow you can imagine from Birthday Cake to Creme Brulee imagine the hot chocolate possibilities. I also love popping these in my coffee and cappuccino.

Our marshmallows came perfectly packaged. They were so fresh you can't even imagine. The purple bow really makes them pretty and the labeling makes them kind of have that rustic kitchen look. Pop these in a gift bag and you are ready!

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