Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bake a Treat For Your Furry Friend With Lucky Paws PetCakes

Is your pet just like family to you? Our dog Diamond might as well be human! Diamond is a one hundred fifty seven pound pure bread Great Dane. Not only is she just like one of my children she knows she is a baby and loves to be babied. She climbs up in bed has her own couch and is treated like royalty.  Every year we have Diamond presents on her birthday and Christmas just like we do the kids. She looks for a treat too and we can't leave her out. PetCakes are the perfect treat for your cat or dog!  

PetCakes are simple and easy and the perfect Microwaveable Treat for pets! They are available for cats and dogs. The kids had a really great time making these for Diamond and she had a great time eating them. They were quick, simple and fun. They are also great for pets who have any type of food allergies or sensitivities. They even have Halloween PetCakes as well as Birthday and Christmas PetCakes. They also sale refills so when you run out just restock!

Treat your dog to something special check out PetCakes and make sure to follow PetCakes on social media below:


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