Saturday, September 9, 2017

Toys That Are One With The Earth: One Earth Toys

One Earth Toys is perfect for children and is Earth friendly! The concept of the brand was formed when after having their first child, Barny and his wife Naomi noticed the 'sea of plastic toys' that were taking over their house and where, in years to come would all that plastic end up. 'We hated the idea that all these plastic toys would eventually be discarded into landfill, causing problems for future generations'.

So One Earth Toys was created with the environment in mind and they have stuck to this throughout the design of their first product. They created a toy train made of wood, wood and only wood. They wanted to make it distinctive, with most toys in bright colors, they used softer pastel colors. The stacking blocks and large barrow wheel allow for the development of hand eye coordination, motor skills and imaginative play. The packaging was simple just cardboard, and a special eco-friendly bubble wrap which is recyclable. 

My daughter Sierra loved her One Earth Toy train! She is two and to this day it is one of her most played with toys! She has many other trains most are already missing pieces because they broke or never functioned correctly to start with. Her One Earth Toy train in its simplicity is the most functional toy my daughter has. It is also the most durable toy she has. The colors are perfect for boys or girls soft pastels. It is also the perfect baby shower gift. It would be great to decorate a babies room with and then later could be used for an actual toy for the child as it grows. One Earth Toys toy train makes the perfect gift!

One Earth Toys toy train makes a perfect gift for your little one and great coz it is Earth friendly!

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