Thursday, September 28, 2017

Learning Fun With My Town Pets App

Do your kids love playing apps? I know mine do. They love anything electronic, way too much in my opinion. I try and be sure to limit their electronic's time and to make sure what they are playing is kid friendly. My Town Pets is perfect for kids! Not only is My Town Pets Kid Friendly it is also educational. Your children can learn while playing a wonderful app! Sierra loves taking care of anything. I guess that is the mommy already coming out i my two year old. The ability to care for her own pets with The My Town app had her super excited and entertains her for hours. She loves picking up her pets poo on the app of course! There is just so many great, fun, kids features in this app it is amazing!

My Town: Pets is now available in the apple, google and amazon play store. My Town Pets joins the series of 18 games (and growing), Pets allow children to have fun adopting animals, caring for them, taking them to the vet and much more. It incorporates everything they would do with real pets. This presents the opportunity for children to learn animal interaction and responsibility that can carry over into their real lives.  Creativity, empowerment and imagination all in one fun-filled app!

Created by an expert team of designers, engineers, programmers and artists, loved by kids and parents alike and endorsed by teachers and therapists, My Town is a safe, digital platform that gives children hours of open-ended play. In the My Town world there are 104 locations, 50 characters and 5300 plus objects and counting.  Kids ages 4-8 play and interact with a variety of things in places and with people they see, recognize and know in their real, everyday lives – their homes, communities, family, friends and neighbors. An added bonus is connectivity of My Town games and with shared characters and places that can travel from one game to another, all part of the larger My Town family of apps.

My Town Pets has no rules, no time limits and no restrictions on how to progress through the games. Games are so user-friendly and natural there are no prompts or instructions needed. Children are free to explore the My Town worlds all on their own," says Mark Tulchinski, co-creator and co-founder of My Town. "Our games tap into kids' innate sense of curiosity and  spark imaginations by offering them unlimited game options." My daughter loves that she can play My Town Pets all on her own. It is easy for her, fun and makes her think she is a big kid like her brothers. 

My Town: Pets has everything needed to take care of your pet. Kids can play with cats, dogs, birds and hamsters. Imagine adopting your dog, dressing them and discovering all the hidden locations and hot spots. Walk your dog at the park's litter sand area, just don’t forget to clean up the poop. Wash your animals and if they get hurt take them to the vet. Discover all the locations and invent your own story with each game play.It lets Sierra be creative and enjoy game play that is fun and learnin

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  1. My granddaughter loves playing games on my tablet. I'm sure she would love this app, especially since it features 18 games.


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