Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Halloween Costume Ideas For The Gamer in Your Family From Oriental Trading

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It's game time! Get your game face on with Oriental Trading's gaming inspired costumes! They have everything from Mario to Halo; all the classics and the newest gaming super heroes and heroines! Now that I have kids of my own I get to enjoy helping them pick out their own costumes each year. I love seeing their personalities come out in their costume choices. You can see my boys are both very into gaming from their Halo costumes below!

We do a Halloween Party every year so that the kids can all dress up and spend the evening playing games as well as collecting toys and candy. I've always loved doing themes but as the kids have gotten older they go in completely different direction. I decided to let them browse Oriental Trading with me this year and choose their own costumes. We started in the Halloween costumes section they have a huge selection for Halloween costumes for boys!

After hours of going back and fourth with what they wanted, my youngest chose the Boy's Classic Master Chief and my oldest chose the Boy's Muscle Halo Spartan Locke Costume. My boys always do a matching outfit it seems and I love that. They look so cute together on Halloween. Their sister does her own thing all together. She is dressing up as Doc McStuffin's. I like the muscle costumes as I think they look more realistic and have a better fit but they are a bit pricier. Don't forget to look for all those great accessories to go with your costumes. The right accessory truly makes the costume check out this awesome needler. Any gamer knows a Halo Warrior must have their needler! The needler takes their Halo costume to a whole new level of fun for them and looks great!

When you choose your child's costume their are several factors to consider. If your children will be wearing their costumes to school I do not recommend a muscle costume as they are hard to sit in and a bit stiff. Be sure to think about how long your child will be wearing their costume, what the temperature will be, how visible your child will be after dark and how much mobility your child needs from their costume. It is important to consider all of these things when choosing the appropriate costume for your child. Gavin wears his costume to school and as I do prefer the muscle costume it isn't a good fit for all day wear and school. The classic was a much better choice for Gavin! Christian who is slightly older will only be wearing his to Trick or Treat so the muscle costume is perfect for him! Be sure Halloween night during Trick Or Treat if your child's costume is thinner they bring a jacket and if your child's costume is dark they were something reflective on their costume. SAFETY FIRST!

These are only a few of the cute gaming costumes we saw on Oriental Trading. I also really liked the Angry Birds costumes. I think it would be so cute to dress the entire family up as Angry Birds and Pigs. They have quite a few different characters so Angry Birds would be perfect for parents and siblings. Parents could be the Pigs and children could be the Angry Birds or vice versa.  Pac-Man is iconic why not dress up the family as a Pac-Man game? The dots would be super easy to even make costumes for the adults out of and you could purchase the kids Pac-Man costumes. Oriental Trading just has so much. It is easy to find the right costume. Have fun searching and let us know in the comments what costume would you choose from Oriental Trading?

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