Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Eye Spy With My Little Eye Find It Games!

Take family game night on an all new and exciting adventure with Find It Games! Find It Games brings the best of both worlds together with their family friendly games. Not only are Find It Games a game but they are also a seek and find puzzle in a game. Each find it game has several different ways to play on your own or as a family. The game never ends because you just shake it up and start again. Find It Games are perfect for little ones and adults and bring everyone together at the gaming table!

We were able to try three of Find It Game's newest editions, Captain Underpant's, Sesame Street and Where's Waldo. Each of my children adored these games and we have had a blast playing with them and still play them all. Sierra my two year old enjoys these I think more than any of us. I loved that the Sesame Street version has larger pieces than regular Find It Games. The pieces are just a bit easier to find this way. Find It Games worked with the experts at Sesame Street to come up with multi-level, age appropriate game play. In addition to the items being a bit larger, each of the 20 items is repeated twice to reduce frustration and encourage continued game play. Spotting Elmo, Cookie Monster and Rosita amidst the colorful pellets is just a little bit easier. All items are also pictured on the end cap and in the included booklet, to allow non-readers to play independently. My daughter loves this one.

The boys liked Where's Waldo and Captain Underpant's. Based on the worldwide sensation and bestselling book series of author Das Pilkey Find It Game's bring you their latest and greatest Captain Underpants Find It game. Find the two fourth graders George & Harold and the superhero Captain Underpants who is wearing a red cape and white undies and 37 more items in this contained adventure. Captain Underpant's is such a huge hit I think most kids love him!

I remember Where's Walso as much as anyone as he became popular when I grew up. Where’s Waldo? began his journey in 1987 I was an 80's child myself. So I love Waldo and he brings back that nostalgic feel for me! Waldo loves traveling the world and blending in with crowds. His distinctive red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses make him easy to recognize. Waldo’s adventures have brought him to the beach, outer space, to other worlds and throughout time. You can find Waldo, his friends Wenda, Woof and Wizard Whitebeard, his foe Odlaw and all the items from the Find It Game's Where's Waldo? checklist along the way.  In the newest edition of Find It, search for 40 Waldo items in a sea of colored pellets.

I loved that this isn't a game the kids have to sit still to play. Sierra my two year old is often left out of game time because the games are too difficult for her and the boys can't play for her. With Find It Games we all enjoyed playing. You shake and find and just have fun!

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