Monday, August 7, 2017

Burgers' Smokehouse Makes Back To School Meals Easy With A Giveaway!

In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

With back to school looming and some schools already in session it is time to start thinking about simple and easy meals. Burgers' Smokehouse makes meals simple and fast! For decades, Burgers' Smokehouse has been well known for its amazing meats. Even bringing home several awards in their home state of Missouri. But now people from all over the world can get a taste of their products. You can simply order online with their categorized website and get your food sent to your front door within 2 days. How simple and easy is that?

The Smokehouse Sampler is the perfect gift to send a friend or family member with children going back to school. The Smokehouse Sampler is also perfect to send to that stay at home mom or dad from a working spouse. The stay at home parent will truly appreciate the sentiment; being a stay at home mom or dad is just as much a job as any regular job. Sometimes we forget how hard taking care of a family is. What better way to say thanks and I care than a Smokehouse Sampler?

The Smokehouse Sampler includes:
  • 1 lb. of Applewood Smoked Country Bacon
  • One 12 oz. pkg. Attic Aged Country Ham (7 to 9 months)
  • Two 6 oz. Cooked Tenderlean Country Ham Steaks
  • One 12 oz. stick Ozark Sausage
  • One 12 oz. stick Beef Sausage

Everything comes packaged in a styrofoam cooler, with ice packs; keeping it nice and fresh until it arrives on your doorstep. The smoked process makes the meats amazing. The Applewood Smoked Country Bacon was amazing. We made stuffed mushrooms with the bacon and they were amazing and ready in minutes!
The attic aged country ham goes through an extensive aging process. It is actually aged anywhere from seven to nine months. The attic aged country ham and cooked tenderlean country ham steaks are perfect for hearty breakfasts They will keep kids filled during the school day and are fast and simple to throw on and fry. It literally takes minutes to cook them as they are already both smoked and very tender.
The Ozark and beef sausages are what made me want to try this sampler in the first place. I love sausage rolls. They are simple and easy and make a perfect snack. When the kids come home in the evenings throw together a fast after school snack before dinner by tossing some cheese and crackers on a plate and cutting the sausage in circles. Viola, in minutes you have mini cracker sandwiches! They are a huge hit with the kiddos!

With Burgers' Smokehouse you really can not go wrong. They have amazing ready made meals, sides and desserts in addition to their amazing samplers. Burgers' Smokehouse makes meals easy, fast and delicious. They have simplicity and taste in mind in every product they sell. This is one company that will never disappoint you. They have amazing customer service and reliable shipping and handling. 

Burgers' Smokehouse wants to give one lucky fan a chance to win their own Smokehouse Sampler just enter below! Make sure to check out Burgers' Smokehouse and follow Burgers' Smokehouse on social media below.

Burgers' Smokehouse Sampler



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