Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bitmo Makes Back To School Shopping Simple With A $50 Staples Gift Card Giveaway

             In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

If you are like me you are always looking for new and exciting apps to try. With back to school here my in laws generally send the children various items for back to school. This year instead of going through all the trouble of mailing, shipping and packing items we tried Bitmo. Bitmo is an amazing app that allows you to gift; gift cards to your friends and family with a few simple and easy steps. So this year instead of our in laws out of state trying to shop and sizes being wrong and trying to ship back and return all of the in laws sent me a Bitmo.

With Bitmo you add a payment method and can start sending gifts as soon as you login to your bank. You also get a free $5 to gift a friend when starting Bitmo with my link here. Who wouldn't love a free $5 gift card. Send someone you love a free lunch. This is perfect if you want to be able to give the perfect gift. With Bitmo you can't go wrong. They have lots of retailers and if the recipient doesn't like or doesn't need the card you sent all they have to do is exchange it for another card. There is no fee to exchange like with other gift card sites so you loose nothing. All Bitmo gift cards are redeemable online and in store and the variety of cards is so extensive there is something for everyone!

With back to school here Bitmo would like to give everyone who signs up for their app a chance to win a $50 Staples Gift Card for back to school supply shopping. Don't worry if you don't need the Staples card you can just exchange it for one you do need. They have cards like Old Navy, Each person who signs up will also get the free $5 to gift to a friend! It is so simple. This is limited to 100 and must have a 100 minimum :)

Make sure to check out Bitmo's page and follow them on social media for promotions and giveaways!

Enter To Win one of two $50 Staples Gift Cards Below and join our twitter party:

Winners are @Roscoe1679 and

This is limited to 100 and must have a 100 minimum for card to be given :)



  1. Just downloaded it. Thanks! Very cool.

  2. This was one of the easiest apps I've used. Exchanging the gift card was literally one click away. I will def be using it alot


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