Thursday, August 31, 2017

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The time has came for me to make a big and exciting decision. An expensive one at that. As a Mom of three I've put all of my time and finances into raising my children. After 13 years I figure it's finally time for me to have a nice, new vehicle. Sure, I've had a couple used ones here and there over the years, but never a brand new one. So this is a very big deal for me. I have looked at many vehicles and actually saw quite a few that I like, but there is only one that truly stuck out to me. I guess you could call it my dream car!!!

Now, ofcourse when I say dream car, I mean looks. This car is sharp and an absolute beauty. 
Having children who depend on me, I know I cant go out and make such an expensive purchase soley based on looks. I need to be smart about my decision and find a dependable car, for a good price, that will last for years to come. I'm certainly no car expert, so how am I suppose to know what is best when it comes to purchasing my brand new car?
 By finding excellent resources like that can help me arrive at the best decision. The most important information is packed in this site offering videos, reviews, and car facts that all buyers need to know in making an intelligent decision.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Get your own gardening hydroponics set free seeds grow food and more

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Get your own gardening hydroponics free 

Healthy Halloween Ideas from Newman's Own Organic Review and Giveaway

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received.

Halloween is close so I will be sharing tons of healthy Halloween candy options! I recently had the opportunity to try out a box jam packed with Newman's Own Organic Products a division of Newman's Own Inc., this isn't the first time I have tried Newman's Own I buy it all the time and we absolutely love their products. They have some of the tastiest treats I have ever reviewed! I always love trying Newman's Own they just have such an amazing selection and assortment that you can not go wrong.

You never know what your review box will contain but it is always great! This Halloween I wanted to add healthier snacks to my kids treats and Newman's Own was my first thought! You can't go wrong with Newman's Own they donate one hundred percent of their profits to charity! All royalties and after tax profits from the proceeds of Newman’s Own and Newman’s Own Organics products go to the Newman’s Own Foundation. They’ve given away over 475 million dollars. Foundations link is


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Connecting bloggers with brands and brands with bloggers for our 2017 holiday gift guide

                                                 Tis' the Season

Its never too early to think about Christmas !!! Its almost time for In The Know With JoJo to post our highly anticipated 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. A place for our readers to find the best gifts for this Holiday season, all in one place. Holiday Gift Guides are a great way to catch the attention of thousands of readers and have your products shared all over Social Media. Its a great way to introduce YOUR brand and new products to the public.
Whether you are a blogger or a brand, Holiday Gift Guides are a simple, easy and inexpensive way to promote your product and make your product/brand have its most prosperous holiday season yet! 
When the gift guides are live In The Know With JoJo will host several giveaways and showcase hundreds of products!

Whether you are a blogger or a brand, Holiday Gift Guides are a simple, easy and inexpensive way to promote your product and make your product/brand have its most prosperous holiday season yet!

Do you want in on the action? If you have products you would like me to review, or include in my gift guide send me an email and we can discuss it. We also   offer sponsored posts. Get in on the action by emailing

Friday, August 25, 2017

Is Your Cat Experiencing One of the Big 3 Cat Concerns?

As a pet owner myself I have two dogs, one cat, on opussum, one bunny and the kids have several differnt reptiles. We know they are part of the family. Celebrate national cat day coming up. I know we are!.Our pets are all rescues and all considered one of the family! With International Cat Day happening on August 8, and Happy Healthy Cat Month in September, now is the perfect time to address the 'cat in the room'—and that's your feline friend's diet.

I'll be the first to admit my own cat's diet isn't 'purr'fect. Abby and Andy can be picky eaters, or ignore thier water bowls even when it's placed right next to their food. I struggled to understand how I could address these issues. But then I realized I wasn't alone—my cat was just experiencing one of the three most common cat concerns: picky eating, weight gain, and urinary tract issues. 

I learned about the Big 3 by partnering with Weruva —a luxurious, natural pet food dubbed "people food for cats" which is launching a full line of gluten, grain, and carrageenan-free cat food in honor of International Cat Day. It's called B.F.F. OMG! (that stands for Best Feline Friend, Oh My Gravy), and it's all about preventing these Big 3 Cat Concerns.

  •  Is your cat picky? Picky eating is usually a problem with texture, since cats are carnivores whose tongues and teeth are perfectly evolved for meat-eating. It's easy to see why a cat might dislike something without real shreds of meat—would you eat a steak with the texture of tapioca? Weruva's food features these shreds of real meat right off the bone, which is why my cat took to it like a duck to water (or a cat to gravy)!
  •  Got a fat cat? The problem is in the kibble. It's filled with unnecessary carbs, which are almost impossible for cats to process (they don't produce amylase, an enzyme which helps humans digest their food). Weruva’s B.F.F. OMG! has no kibble to worry about because it’s 100% real meats in their true form. 
  • UT-why? Urinary tract issues often stem from dehydration—even if you're giving your cat plenty of water. In the wild, cats stay hydrated through the food they eat instead of what they drink. Cats are used to 'eating' their water—but most wet foods don't have nearly enough hydration to keep them satisfied. All of the products in Weruva's B.F.F. OMG! line are over 85% hydration, which satisfies my cat's hydration needs.
I love Weruva products because they are considered ‘people food for pets.’ The new line of B.F.F. OMG! cans and pouches feature land proteins like boneless and skinless white chicken breast, salmon, beef, duck, lamb and more. All recipes are grain, gluten, and carrageenan free. And if you are a BPA-free home, check out the pouches because they are are BPA-free. Best of all, my kitty loves it!
Health isn't just for humans, and I'm glad I took the time to learn how to feed my BFF's properly. Even better, in the process, I found my kitty's new favorite food. They especially likes Weruva's different flavors, which you can read about at Weruva. You can also explore the whole B.F.F. OMG! lineup there, and find a flavor your cat will 'paw'sitively adore, at

Most of the cats experiencing one of the three most common cat concerns: picky eating, weight gain, and urinary tract issues! Check out this article on how to prevent them.

Has your cat experienced one of the Big 3 Cat Concerns? Share your experience in the comments! 


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Windjammers Frisbee Turn Indoor Gaming Into Outdoor Fun

Cue the nostalgia: two of every ‘90s child’s favorite games are joining forces…

I know my kids are excited about the upcoming launch of Windjammers epic arcade game on PS4 and PSVita. I am excited that Wham-O has launched a real "Flying Power Disc" in celebration of the new game coming out. My kids are really excited and it is a great way for us to play and interact as a family outdoors and also let them enjoy their gaming fun!


#SENDABITMO Twitter Party Thousands In Prizes

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Cover Napping and Play All In One With Sack Pals


With my two year old meals, play times and naps are the only constant! Sack Pals has little ones in mind and truly know their customers! My Sierra loves her Sack Pal's they are her best friends. With Sack Pals you aren't just getting some stuffed animals and blanket. Sack Pals is a miniature sleeping bag that turns inside out to hold your four pals who stick with Velcro and sack bling which also sticks to your Sack Pal.


Aquaball Sugarless Back To School Sweepstakes

Exciting news! Beloved children's beverage brand AquaBall is hosting a Sugarless Back to School Sweepstakes with awesome prizes just in time for back-to-school season. AquaBall is the only zero-calorie, sugar-free and preservative-free children's beverage currently on the market. The naturally flavored water is available in four flavors – Berry Frost, Fruit Punch, Grape and Strawberry Lemonade – and features fan favorite characters from Disney's "Frozen", Disney Princesses, Marvel's "Avengers," and Disney Classic Characters.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Giveaway Family Night with Night Night Books and Ovation Brands

                         In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

Ovation Brands includes Ryan's, Hometown, Old Country Furr's and Country Buffet. Ovation Brands always has something fun going on for the kids. We love going there as a family. Right now they have a Family Night promotional series featuring Night Night Books! 

Each Thursday, from July 27th 2nd through August 31st between 5 pm and 8 pm, kids may participate in different interactive and educational activities in Ovation Brands’ restaurants and Furr’s Fresh Buffet locations.

Ovation Brands would like to offer my readers a special prize pack, which includes the following: one (4) pack of Night Night Books and four (4) free meal passes for you and your family to enjoy a meal at any of Ovation Brands’ locations.

These family nights will be available at the various Ovation Brands and Furrs Fresh Buffet restaurants which include, Ryans, Home Town Buffet, Country Buffet, Old Country Buffet, and FurrsVisit any of the links above for more information about the GSN Idiotest Family Night. While online, sign up for Crave Connection and the Furr’s E-Club to receive exclusive offers and updates on upcoming promotions.



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Descendants 2 Coming Out Today!

                         In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

The Villain Kids are Back and the Stakes are Even Higher in the Highly Anticipated Sequel to the 
Disney Channel Original Movie “Descendants”!

Available on DVD August 15th

Overflowing with More Action, More Catchy Music, 
Unforgettable Dance Numbers and New Villain Kids! 

Featuring Never-Before-Seen Bonus Material Including Cast Secrets, Bloopers, a Deleted Song
and a Free Necklace with Five Interchangeable Icons!

My kids loved Descendants so we couldn't wait to see Descendants 2. We had a family popcorn movie night. Disney movie nights are always the best at our house. I love that Descendants 2 was great for adults as well as the kids. Me and my husband enjoyed the action as much as the kids did. Catch all the details below:

Monday, August 14, 2017

Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Start Your Engines on DVD August 15th

             In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

Mickey and His Pals Hit the Road in their Transforming Roadsters 

Racing Around the Town of Hot Dog Hills AND Around the World!



Bring Home the Wild Adventures on Disney DVD August 15th

Includes a FREE Exclusive Roadster Racers Flag!

Sierra is a huge Mickey fan so we try to get her all the Mickey fun we can. She loved the racing in this movie. I loved the bright colors and being able to teach her while she was watching. She is engaged and it is simple and easy to throw out the numbers on the cars to teach kids number recognition and to go through their colors throughout the movie. It is really cute check out more below:

Mickey and the Roadster Racers are back and cruising full speed towards fun adventures around the globe! MICKEY AND THE ROADSTER RACERS: START YOUR ENGINES will be zooming towards its Disney DVD debut on August 15th, and you will want to keep up with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy! Join Mickey and the Roadster Racers for the ride as they encounter the world’s best spy, compete in a hot-air balloon race, and even help the Queen with her stolen Royal Ruby! At the heart of MICKEY AND THE ROADSTER RACERS: START YOUR ENGINES is friendship, teamwork, and exciting adventures that will make you want to be a part of the gang!


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Baby Shower Essentials Giveaway!

Having a new baby this year? We know choosing baby gear can be overwhelming. We are excited to share Mommy Scene's Baby Shower Essentials & top picks for feeding, clothing, diapering, and setting up baby's nursery! Don't miss entering this fabulous Baby Shower Essentials Giveaway for the chance to win these must-have baby products!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bitmo Makes Back To School Shopping Simple With A $50 Staples Gift Card Giveaway

             In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

If you are like me you are always looking for new and exciting apps to try. With back to school here my in laws generally send the children various items for back to school. This year instead of going through all the trouble of mailing, shipping and packing items we tried Bitmo. Bitmo is an amazing app that allows you to gift; gift cards to your friends and family with a few simple and easy steps. So this year instead of our in laws out of state trying to shop and sizes being wrong and trying to ship back and return all of the in laws sent me a Bitmo.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Oh The Places You Will Go Giveaway Hop

             In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

We are excited to be participating in the Oh The Places You Will Go Giveaway Hop hosted by The Kids Did ItThe Mommy Island each blog on the linky will be hosting a prize of at least a $5 value many are much more.  We are giving away a SHIMMER AND SHINE: MAGICAL PETS OF ZAHRAMAY FALLS DVD! Check out the review here and enter below:



                In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.




Monday, August 7, 2017

Burgers' Smokehouse Makes Back To School Meals Easy With A Giveaway!

In The Know With JoJo received a sample for review and giveaway purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

With back to school looming and some schools already in session it is time to start thinking about simple and easy meals. Burgers' Smokehouse makes meals simple and fast! For decades, Burgers' Smokehouse has been well known for its amazing meats. Even bringing home several awards in their home state of Missouri. But now people from all over the world can get a taste of their products. You can simply order online with their categorized website and get your food sent to your front door within 2 days. How simple and easy is that?


Pfister Bathroom Accesories

In The Know With JOJO received a sample to try to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was received all opinions are 100 percent my own!

I was never a DIY expert but here lately I have been trying a lot of new things. We recently worked with friends to help them get back into their home. The faucet they had was very outdated. It looked cheap and old. Pfister was wonderful to work with they sent us the Kenzo Tissue Holder and 18 inch towel bar. It made the bathroom, it stands out and looks great the pictures below are of the items we installed and the site photo of the tissue holder and towel bar. Keep in mind the electric was not turned on yet so the lighting isn't that great. This is the first part of our makeover!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

OshKosh Back to School $50 Gift Card Giveaway

It’s not much longer until your little ones trade in their pool days for schools days. Back to school season is approaching fast, and with a new school year often comes a new wardrobe – or at least a few new outfits!


Wednesday, August 2, 2017



Partnership to Include Digital and Television Sponsorship
and Online Video Series Launching on Monday, July 17,
Across Chrysler Brand’s Digital and Social Channels

July 17, 2017, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Chrysler today announced that they are now a proud sponsor and supporter of Sesame Street, a commitment that includes supporting the show on PBS and original digital content.

Sesame Street has a powerful connection with families and this partnership allows the Chrysler brand to support their work around the world,” said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Cars, Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT, FCA North America. “As a trusted family brand, we were looking for a like-minded partner who possessed a thoughtful and engaging approach. With our all-new Chrysler Pacifica minivan, we wanted to help educate parents about its unprecedented 115 safety, security and technology innovations – and who better than Sesame Street, which has been reaching and educating families for almost 50 years.”


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Groovy Giveaway Blog Hop!

This hop is hosted by, and co-hosted by The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It

Anytime is a great time for a giveaway in my opinion! Who doesn't want to win something. Check out all of the great blogs participating. Each blog has a prize! You don't want to miss all of these Groovy Giveaways! My prize is a Stork's Journey Prize Pack thanks to our great sponsor Lionsgate! Enter all the giveaways listed and start below with mine!

Lionsgate was awesome enough to let send us one A STORK’S JOURNEY DIY birdhouse kit, and one to give away?! Each kit comes with special STORK’S stickers, a wood birdhouse, paints, brushes, and a copy of the film on! Just enter below!


Stork DIY Kit Includes:

STORK’S stickers
a wood birdhouse
Crayola paints
copy of Stork's Journey DVD

Enter Below
MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

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