Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cocoon Cam Keeping Babies Safe

In The Know With JoJo received samples for free to facilitate this review and giveaway all opinions are 100 percent my own.
New mothers are in for a world of worries and new experiences! Most of the new experiences will be amazing and great but for some mothers with premature or asthmatic children nights will be the worst. For me I constantly worry is Sierra breathing ok has she had a reaction? With Cocoon Cam you can have a second eye constantly watching over baby monitoring everything from what your baby is doing by camera to their breathing. For me Cocoon Cam has been a lifesaver. I actually get a more restful nights sleep and worry less. 

Sierra my youngest is by all means a healthy baby she is just allergic to everything and struggles with asthma. She has been on every medicine you can imagine and we found that homeopathic therapies actually helped more and just using all natural products so that we didn't upset her natural balance with chemically enhanced products. We now clean wash clothing and bath only i all natural products. Even someone wearing perfume can set Sierra off. Although we do everything we can to keep her allergy under control we can't help what friends and family do. If someone visits wearing makeup or heavy perfume that ca mean a horrible night for Sierra. She breaks out in hives, swells and sometimes even has trouble breathing until she has either her medication or we have to take her to the ER for a shot in extreme cases. 

For me as a mother having a child with breathing issues is the scariest thing in the world. I wake up on average of 5-10 times every night just to check she is breathing ok. With Cocoon Cam I can now check from our phone through the app without having to get up go to Sierra and actually touch, feel and wake her up to check that she is ok. Cocoon Cam shows notifications of when you put baby in crib to when baby leaves crib and is the first ever breathing baby monitor. It works with IOS and Android. It is one of the best innovations of 2017 in my opinion. We love our Cocoon Cam and love knowing our child is sleeping safe and breathing great!

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