Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mr Bubble Luxe Fun For International Bath Day!

Mr. Bubble is an iconic brand in my mind! I am an eighties baby and grew up bathing in those wonderful sudsy bubbled! I still enjoy the same sudsy bubbly fun now but from their luxe adult line! The adult luxe line of Mr. Bubble products includes more adult products in three scents original bubble, sweet and clean and sparkling sorbet. The products are bath bombs, shower creme, body butter, powdered bath bubbles, bath melts, lip balm and fragrance mists. You can get yours now at Target and Ulta. Right now save $5 on two products! Get your coupon here and join in the bubbly fun of bath day! Find out more about Mr Bubble Luxe here!

Everyone who reads my blog knows I enjoy a luxurious bath! I love trying anything scented from toys to markers and especially bath and body products! The new Mr. Bubble luxe line is absolutely amazing. The best part is it is available at Target and Ulta and affordable! I generally spend anywhere from $5 to $10 on one bath bomb you get a whole tin of amazing my bubble bombs for 8.99 at Target or ten at Ulta. The price difference I am guessing is due to the fact Ulta runs a lot more sales and promotions. Right now on Ulta's site you can purchase these for the $10 but they are also buy one get one 50 percent off. Which actually makes them a little cheaper on Ulta if you plan on buying more than one!

We tried out the entire bath melt line. I loved the scents I have to say Mr. Bubble hit it right on the nose with the perfect scents for this line! Each different scent is perfect! The Original Bubble is light and as close to an adult Mr. Bubble scent as you could imagine! The banana really brings out the kid scent in this one! The Sparkling Sorbet was my favorite but I am partial to anything food scented and a little fruity. The fresh scent is very prevalent with the citrus and mango and it is a perfect scent to get you going in the morning! The Sweet and Clean was also very nice. The sugared cream and swirls of caramel give it an out of this world sweet scent and the pink jasmine, sweet pear and strawberries give it just the right amount of fruit to make a scent so delightfully good that anyone will enjoy it!

Celebrate International Bath Day with Mr. Bubble Luxe get yours below and be sure to check out their site for money saving coupons and more information:


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  1. I can remember my Mom bringing home bags from the grocery and all us kids watching her take things out, hoping to see that pink Mr Bubbles box. Mr. Bubbles was an iconic fixture to our childhood.


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