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Free For All received a sample from to try in order to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was received all opinions are 100 percent my own! 

What we have in store for you this month from is truly something to bark, purr, chirp and meow about! is now allowing smaller animals into their influencer review program. So we will be able to show you some different products that just the cat and dog you are used to seeing in the near future. This month we got to try Zignature Canned Dog Food and as always amazing products! I have always loved the Zignature brand and so have my dogs.  We tried the Turkey Zignature Canned Dog Food read on and check out how great Zignature Canned Dog Foods are below!

The Zignature brand first caught my eye of course because of their animal names. The canned dog food comes in lamb, kangaroo, salmon, turkey, duck, trout & salmon, whitefish, venison, and multi-protein mix. My first thought was animals eating other animals but that is the cycle of life. Dogs are carnivores by nature and do best on meat-based diets. Zignature's canned recipes prioritize a limited-ingredient menu, which helps with both digestion and minimizing allergens and food sensitivities. Each bite contains a nutritionally correct ratio of fruits and vegetables, which rounds out the recipe with powerful antioxidants, and fiber-rich low glycemic carbohydrates. And most importantly dogs love Zignature Canned Dog Food, it's so tasty! 

Diamond my Great Dane tried the Turkey formula. I chose Turkey because she usually enjoy anything Turkey and this was a new food for her. She was sniffing me before I could get it out of the can and into her bowl. I knew it was a big hit with her by the way she acted. She couldn't wait to dig in. It is a very hearty meal but Diamond loved it so much she had two cans. I figure it is OK to indulge every now and then after all this was new to her and she weighs 152 pounds and eats more than most dogs. After one week I noticed she even looked healthier her coat was shinier and I am super happy with Zignature Canned Dog Foods results for Diamond. We give it two paws up!

Looking for a place where you can find all your #pet's needs? Chewy is truly something to bark, purr & meow about!

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  1. If the food is so good why don't you show a picture of your dog eating the food. I don't trust reviews where I don't see actual use of the product or a picture taken from the website. Seems like Chewy just pays people to say good things about the brand.

  2. I love Chewy! They have some great prices!


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