Sunday, March 26, 2017

Great Pretender's Easter Gift Guide Review

Easter is one of the holidays we go all out for! Almost as big as Christmas! This year we got to try Great Pretenders. My daughter especially loves dressing up and so do my boys. It's the one "play time" activity that never fails to keep their attention. They have a huge toy trunk full of Super Heroes, cops, firemen, Star Wars characters and so many more. 

Check out The Great Pretenders Story:

Once upon a time, there was a mom troubled by the lack fun and imaginative toys for her children. Baffled by this, she set out on her ambitious journey to come up with creative, pretend-play toys that would light up any child's imagination. Fast forward; her endeavors transcended into a vastly successful dress-up and costume business which manufactures award-winning toys – an innovative leader in the pretend-play market for children.

We at Great Pretenders believe that “dress-up” is so much more than just putting on a costume, as Oppenheim Toy Portfolio says:

“Pretend play is not just great fun. It’s the way kids develop imagination and creative thinking skills and try out being big and powerful. Pretending also brings the world down to the child’s size and understanding. It’s a way to develop communication skills and an outlet for expressing feelings and fears.”

The Great Pretenders Commitment:
At Great Pretenders, we are constantly on the hunt for great fabrics, trims and findings which can be transformed into inspiring pretend-play toys for children. Not only do we aim to provide the best value for your dollar, we strive to be as innovative as possible in what we make. For example, all of our products are easy-care and with maximum sizing flexibility. We also also make great strides on the creative end – our popular reversible costumes & capes are fan-favorites and have won several acclaimed toy awards.

For 2013, we completely redesigned our brand from top to bottom. First off, we have launched this new website to make your shopping experience fun and enjoyable. Along with this are new graphics that have greatly enhanced the look and feel of our products which can be found on our meticulously designed packaging. And perhaps most important of all, there are many great additions to the product range, like a complete line of Great Pretenders jewelry and accessories!

Great Pretenders truly wants your children to enjoy imaginative, fun, dress up play. They allow kids to make their dreams come true; allowing them to become that princess or superhero they dream of! I fell in love with all of the coloring and design your own items Great Pretender's has! We tried the Colour A Princess Fairy Box, Colour An Apron, Colour A Skirt all of which are items your child can personalize on their own. My daughter loves them! Each set comes with markers so your child can decorate however they like! I loved the apron most as my daughter really enjoys cooking with me. She not only got to cook with me but we also designed her a one of a king apron!

My daughter really enjoys books and any type of little animal so I was so excited when we got to try the Mini Meiya the Mouse Gift Set! The mouse is actually made of a plastic fac and then the body is cloth. It makes a perfect night time cuddle for Sierra my daughter. She loves reading her little book and snuggling her mouse. 
The last thing we tried was the Butterfly Dress Doll Outfit. My daughter has so many dolls and none of them have clothes. Great Pretender's also has matching outfits for your daughter so she can match her doll! I love this outfit it is whimsical and great for dolls. It even includes butterfly wings!

You can check out more from Great Pretenders below or follow the link to check out all of the amazing products that are perfect for Easter. Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, a Holiday gift or  just something fun for imaginative play, you can find it all on Great Pretenders.

Free For All received samples for review purposes only.All opinions are my own and may differ from others. 

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