Thursday, March 16, 2017

Activate Your Spidey Senses with Lip Smacker's!

Lip Smacker has the treats your kids will love. I am an eighties baby and grew up collecting Lip Smacker. You could always find one attached to my book bag, in my purse and I had a small selection in my locker. I thought I was so cool with my collection! Lip Smacker has the most innovative designs and best lip gloss flavors on the market. Lip Smacker isn't just for girls anymore! My boys loved the Spider Man Collection they tried as part f the Lip Smacker marvel series.

My boys were so excited to take these to school with them in their back pack and they are great for these hot summer days to keep their lips moisturized. My daughter loved them also. Sierra calls them her Spider lipstick she is only two and it makes her happy to use them and she feels like a big girl. The flavors were really neat!

The Spiderman 6 Piece Lip Balm Tin was the favorite. Give your child a boost of super flavors and leave your Spidey-senses tingling. And of course, keep your lips moisturized while you bring out the super hero in YOU! Featured flavors: Super Strawberry, Scientific Blueberry, Radioactive Lemon, Crime Fighting Cherry, Ultimate Cinnamon, Vanilla Frosted Web. The Radioactive Lemon mommy had to steal I love anything Lemon flavored. It was great! The Spiderman Trio Cane is a limited edition trio. The Spiderman lip balm trio includes a cool keychain topper that connects to your favorite lip balm; so your lips will always feel invincible! Amazing Pomegranate, Swinging Licorice and Super Hero Punch. The Marvel Super Hero Spiderman Lip Balm is a cool superhero keychain that doubles as a tasty Lip Smacker so you never have to be without your favorite lip balm in Amazing Pomegranate!

Be sure to chop Lip Smacker's site below and find them in stores. Also follow Lipsmacker on social media below for contests, new flavor updates and more:


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