Sunday, February 12, 2017

Simple Wishes Review!

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own financial compensation was also received.

Simple Wishes is the breastfeeding mothers best friend! Simple Wishes was founded by six siblings who knew the struggles their mother had faced breastfeeding nine children. Simple Wishes founders know the benefits of breastfeeding but know the tremendous struggles a mother must sometimes over come just to give their child the gift of breastfeeding. Simple Wishes nursing bras help to alleviate some of the problems, struggles and strains a breastfeeding mother goes through. Simple Wishes works to empower women to be able to give their children the gift of breastfeeding! Breast milk is in fact the first organic meal your child will ever receive if you choose to breastfeed!

What mother doesn't want to give their child organic meals if they can? I have three children and a fourth on the way! I tried so hard with my first son to breastfeed exclusively. Due to complications though I had to do a mix of breastmilk and organic formula. The same happened with my second and third child my body just doesn't produce enough milk to exclusively breastfeed. So I do both I pump as much as I can. I supplement my diet with lactation cookies as well as lactation promoting foods.  I am so excited to have found Simple Wishes. The pain alone sometimes of an uncomfortable nursing bra can really mess with your milk supply. A bra that is too tight of course makes you uncomfortable. A bra that is hard to pump in is a huge issue. Simple Wishes has you covered!

Simple Wishes  has a large assortment of breastfeeding products. They have scarfs, bras, slips and even tank tops. I tried the Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra. The bra ties in the back so you can easily adjust for weight loss as most of us loose our baby weight. You can even adjust for swelling in your breasts if you need the bra to be looser or tighter due to pain from swelling all you need to do is untie and readjust! For me that is the biggest plus. I also really love the zipper in the front so you can zip and unzip to pump. No more hard to reach bra clips! The bra also includes straps if you would rather have them but for me the tie back option is perfect.  The Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra allows you to pump without using your hands so you can do any other tasks you need while pumping!

I also really love the over all feel of the Simple Wishes line. It isn't drab. Most breastfeeding accessories to me are lacking style. With Simple Wishes you can still feel sexy! After having a baby this is the time we as women want to be told how great we still look. Simple Wishes has a sexy slip and tank top for pumping. I feel this is so important. I know with me and my husband reconnecting intimately after child birth can be challenging. Your body as a woman goes through so many changes. Simple Wishes wants you to look and feel great while pumping! Their nursing products promote women. They truly do make you feel beautiful and empowered about your nursing experience!

Make sure to check out Simple Wishes and find all your nursing product needs and be sure to follow Simple Wishes on social media below. You can also purchase Simple Wishes on their site and on amazon see the links below and click to order your own Simple Wishes nursing products!


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