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Get Your @BestBuy Goggle @Chromecast now! #ad #sponsored

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BestBuy is always our go to for all things electronic and their new Google Chromecast is your one must have for all things music! Google Chromecast allows you to stream music through your wifi instead of having to use bluetooth. With Google Chromecast you can play music on your speakers, new or old, wirelessly from your phone, laptop or tablet. It is a revolution for music enthusiasts!

I love music and go with an ear bud because I feel like I am pushing what I like on everyone. Not everyone wants to hear me jam to the 90's I love. For me though there is nothing like when the kids are at school being able to easily listen to my music all through the house off any device I want. My songs are spread out on phones, computers and laptops. With Chromecast I can hear them all without having to have a million devices hooked up at one time.

It is easy to install the Google Chromecast Audio. Just attach one jack to the speaker and the other end to a USB port and you’re almost done. Load the Chromecast app, choose your music and that’s it. You get high resolution, amaazingly clear music because it uses wifi instead of bluetooth allowing you to stream through your favorite music apps like Spotify, Youtube, Google Play Music, and iHeart Radio. It is as good as your Wi-Fi connection.    By using your phone, it’s easy to play, pause, or change the volume from anywhere in the home. And while streaming, you can still text or call without interrupting what's playing or draining your battery.

Now you can easily fill every room in your home with synchronous music. Simply group Chromecast Audio devices together so you can listen to the same song on multiple speakers. Make sure to check out Google Chromecast Audio and get yours today!

PBS Kids Super Simple Crafts: Sticks and Stones Kit #Giveaway

PBS Kids Super Simple Crafts: Sticks and Stones Kit Giveaway!!                                            

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

DripJoy Giveaway

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Dripjoy Coffee For Mom and a Giveaway

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Mom's have a busy on the go lifestyle now a days. DripJoy is there for every moment. DripJoy has amazing varities that will perk up your morning. When I start the day I reach for DripJoy. I know that my coffee will be brewed to perfection. DripJoy is when I take that little mom few minutes in the day to just enjoy a cup sit back and relax. Then I wake the kids up and get them ready and off to school.
I recently was able to try all of DripJoy's varieties. DripJoy has seven different varieties Delightful Decaf, Happy Hazelnut, Vanilla Jubilee, French Elation, Colombian Cheer, Dark Bean Daydream and Morning Joy. I really enjoyed the Happy Hazelnut,French Elation and Morning Joy. Every variety is true to flavor and DripJoy is sure to have a variety for everyone. Cheeck out all of the roasts here! Each cup of Morning Joy comes packed to the brim with a cheerful blend of smoked cedar, lemon, and happiness. When you start your day with Morning Joy, you know you’re starting your day on the right foot. I loved the hints of lemon in Morning Joy it really is a dleightful brew to wake up with. Dark and smoky with a smooth finish, every sip of French Elation will have you dreaming of the cafes of Paris. French Elation is a strong, dark brew for those days you want that extra pick me up! Combining bold flavors and a smooth finish to create a slightly sweet and buttery brew, Vanilla Jubilee makes every morning worthy of celebration. Vanilla Jubilee is smooth, and the buttery flavor leaves you with a full feeling. It goes great with cream and sugar! Notes of maple and a nutty sweetness swirl together in every morning mug of Happy Hazelnut to create a delightfully Joyful experience. Start your day off with a smile! The maple in Happy Hazelnut makes every cup easy to enjoy and delightful down to the last drop. If you are a decaf lover try Delightful Decaf. Smooth in flavor with the just the right amount of spice, you’ll never be able tell there’s no caffeine in every flavorful cup of Delightful Decaf. Enjoy at all hours of the day without the eye-opening effects of our other blends.

Make Mother's Day a truly special occassion this year and get mom something she will remember. Try out the subscription service Drip Joy has to offer here. That way she gets a gift that keeps on giving every month. You will save a ton! No more late trips because you forgot to buy coffee and no more struggling to find the right brew. DripJoy has it all! Make sure to check out DripJoy's site and follow them on social media below:


DripJoy wants to give one lucky fan a chance to win their on sampler of all the DripJoy flavors enter below:


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The People Toy Company Giveaway

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PRIZE: One winner will receive one toy of their choice from the Mochi or Brain Builders line excluding any of the block sets.



The People Toy Company Mochi and Brain Builder Fun and Giveaway Perfect for Easter!

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Do you have a little one in your life who needs the perfect Easter gifts?  People Toy Company a beloved Japanese toy band is now offering their brand new lines Mochi and Brain Builders to the US market! They also have People Blocks which hopefully I will be showing you guys a little later. People Toy Companies products are really unique! All of their toys are made from rice and are completely green with no toxic paints or adhesives! 

The Mochi line is actually named after the Japanese word for rice; Mochi! The Mochi line includes a trumpet, maraca, blocks, teething ring and teething plate! You can see the whole Mochi line here! Sierra loves anything that makes noise so of course the trumpet was her favorite! She also really enjoyed the maraca! All of the products in the Mochi line are recommended for ages 3 months plus except the Mochi Blocks Premium Set which is for Newborns up. Mochi toys are very durable and my two year old has played endless hours with hers. They are great for creative play and are very stimulating for little ones. 

The Brain Builders line includes not only plastic but softer toys as well. The line is comprised of rattles, teething rings, teethers, trumpet and so much more. It is a larger line than Moochi and offers toys for babies up to toddlers. The multi-sense trumpet is my daughters favorite it makes noise and has many visually appealing features for baby. Childhood experts will tell you that from the moment babies enter the world, they are looking, hearing, smelling and touching. Brain Builders focuses on charming sensory toys designed for baby’s earliest months. An infant's view of the world changes every single day as their brain continuously grows and develops. The Brain Builders collection is tailored to unlock baby’s cognitive skills at every key milestone within the first year of life through fun and engaged play. 

 Make sure to stop by The People Toy Company's website below for all of your Easter needs! You are sure to find the perfect Easter toys that will make your little ones basket extra special! Make sure to follow The People Toy Company on social media below:




One winner will receive one toy of their choice from the Mochi or Brain Builders line excluding any block sets! Enter below:


Monday, February 20, 2017

Luvs Diapers #SharetheLuv and Save!

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I am a mother to three beautiful children my youngest is still in diapers and Luvs is our go to brand! I have tried almost every diaper brand on the market.  Luvs is the only diaper for our family! With my first I bought the most expensive diapers and learned that when it comes to diapers that turns into to a lot of money. Luvs is better than the pricey brands and costs a lot less. Try Luvs now and save $1 with this great print at home coupon here  http://bit.ly/2kMDv3q.

Luvs is now even better their Ultra Leakguard diapers with NightLock Plus are softer and more absorbent than ever before. Making Luvs the number one diaper choice of experienced parents! Luvs costs less than premium pricier brands and offers the same quality. They even offer a money back satisfaction guarantee. For more information on Luvs money back satisfaction guarantee go to Luvs now!

Every parent knows children are expensive especially during those first years of life. Luvs wants to share the love this February and give parents a chance to save even more with this special money saving coupon offer you can print here  http://bit.ly/2kMDv3q. Every dollar counts! I work hard for my money and coupons are an easy way to save so I have more for the things we enjoy! Just by buying Luvs instead of the premium diaper brands we save on average anywhere from $30 to $35 per month. That is dinner and a movie for the family! To keep up to date on all of Luvs money saving offers check back often here.

Luvs diapers come in six fun designs in every pack so your child can enjoy all the fun designs! Luvs diapers can be found in mass, discount and grocery stores where baby products are sold. The printable coupon can also be redeemed at stores nationwide!  Stop by Luvs site today and make sure to follow them on social media below:


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LuvAFoodie Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

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LuvAFoodie is your one stop shopping destination for all things chocolate and salt free this Valentine's Day! Do you have someone in your family who has dietary restrictions? If so LuvAFoodie can help their products do not contain any salt. So if you are watching your sodium or if you have high sodium LuvAFoodie is perfect for you!

 We were able to try a wide variety of LuvAFoodie items as you can see from the picture above. I have to say my favorite is the Minnesota shaped Belgian Milk Chocolate. The chocolate truly melts in your mouth and has a decadent flavor. The kids loved the different hot cocoa on a stick! The caramel hot cocoa on a stick was mommies favorite the kids loved the regular chocolate hot cocoa on a stick! The White Belgian Chocolate Covered Cookies are truly to die for! The cookie is crisp and is coated in thick white chocolate it is a must! The White Chocolate Belgian Snowflake's make the perfect midnight snack!
The salt free cooking spices are great for adding that extra touch to a dish! I loved the Chillin Chili Lime Rub. We used it during the Super Bowl to make chicken wings! The Garlic and Herb Blend is perfect for just about anything. I liked it on chicken!

Make sure to check out LuvAFoodie they are redoing their site and adding new products everyday and be sure to follow them on social media below:


All In The Cards Valentine's Day Review!

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All In The Cards has you covered this year for your Valentine's Day décor needs! They have the cutest treat bags and so much more paper, glassware, party ware, ceramic, wood and fabric. They have everything you need to be the perfect hostess. We got to try several All In The Cards products and we used them for our NCIRCLE Home Hostess Party which you can see here and for our children's Valentine's!

All In The Cards provided us with amazing treat bags in two different varieties. The pink was best for putting gifts and larger treats in and the hearts was best for food items. We put cupcakes in each child's heart treat bags. They were decorated in the cutest little heart candy design with sayings like I love You and Be Mine like the classic Valentine's Day candies we all love! The name cards we were sent were perfect for settings and keeping the kids organized so we knew who's bags and treats were theirs!
All In The Cards has so much more than just treat bags though they have so many wonderful décor items. I love the glassware they have. The mason jars add the perfect decorative touch to any kitchen. The wooden decorative boards are also perfect for the home!

Make sure to check out All In The Cards products you can find them at Target and follow All In The Cards on social media below:


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Simple Wishes Review!

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Simple Wishes is the breastfeeding mothers best friend! Simple Wishes was founded by six siblings who knew the struggles their mother had faced breastfeeding nine children. Simple Wishes founders know the benefits of breastfeeding but know the tremendous struggles a mother must sometimes over come just to give their child the gift of breastfeeding. Simple Wishes nursing bras help to alleviate some of the problems, struggles and strains a breastfeeding mother goes through. Simple Wishes works to empower women to be able to give their children the gift of breastfeeding! Breast milk is in fact the first organic meal your child will ever receive if you choose to breastfeed!

What mother doesn't want to give their child organic meals if they can? I have three children and a fourth on the way! I tried so hard with my first son to breastfeed exclusively. Due to complications though I had to do a mix of breastmilk and organic formula. The same happened with my second and third child my body just doesn't produce enough milk to exclusively breastfeed. So I do both I pump as much as I can. I supplement my diet with lactation cookies as well as lactation promoting foods.  I am so excited to have found Simple Wishes. The pain alone sometimes of an uncomfortable nursing bra can really mess with your milk supply. A bra that is too tight of course makes you uncomfortable. A bra that is hard to pump in is a huge issue. Simple Wishes has you covered!

Simple Wishes  has a large assortment of breastfeeding products. They have scarfs, bras, slips and even tank tops. I tried the Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra. The bra ties in the back so you can easily adjust for weight loss as most of us loose our baby weight. You can even adjust for swelling in your breasts if you need the bra to be looser or tighter due to pain from swelling all you need to do is untie and readjust! For me that is the biggest plus. I also really love the zipper in the front so you can zip and unzip to pump. No more hard to reach bra clips! The bra also includes straps if you would rather have them but for me the tie back option is perfect.  The Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra allows you to pump without using your hands so you can do any other tasks you need while pumping!

I also really love the over all feel of the Simple Wishes line. It isn't drab. Most breastfeeding accessories to me are lacking style. With Simple Wishes you can still feel sexy! After having a baby this is the time we as women want to be told how great we still look. Simple Wishes has a sexy slip and tank top for pumping. I feel this is so important. I know with me and my husband reconnecting intimately after child birth can be challenging. Your body as a woman goes through so many changes. Simple Wishes wants you to look and feel great while pumping! Their nursing products promote women. They truly do make you feel beautiful and empowered about your nursing experience!

Make sure to check out Simple Wishes and find all your nursing product needs and be sure to follow Simple Wishes on social media below. You can also purchase Simple Wishes on their site and on amazon see the links below and click to order your own Simple Wishes nursing products!


Newman's Own Review and Giveaway

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I recently had the opportunity to try out a box jam packed with Newman's Own products this isn't the first time I have tried Newman's Own I buy it all the time and we absolutely love their products. They have some of the tastiest treats I have ever reviewed! I always love trying Newman's Own they just have such an amazing selection and assortment that you can not go wrong. You never know what your review box will contain but it is always great! This Easter  wanted to add healthier snacks to my kids Easter Basket's and Newman's Own was my first thought! You can't go wrong with Newman's Own they donate one hundred percent of their profits to charity! All royalties and after tax profits from the proceeds of Newman’s Own and Newman’s Own Organics products go to the Newman’s Own Foundation. They’ve given away over 475 million dollars. Foundations link is www.newmansownfoundation.org.

Their variety of Dark and Milk Chocolate bars are so tasty and so much better than those high fructose corn syrup candy bars. In each bite of chocolate you could truly taste the cocoa flavor come out. They even have raspberry and peanut butter filled organic chocolate cups they are my favorites and I wanted to add them to the kids baskets this year! We love the cookie varieties creme filled, hermits, figs and regular cookies. My favorite cookies would have to be the Newman O's creme filled chocolate cookies and the Chocolate Chip Family Recipe Cookies. My favorite 2 products of all of the Newman's Own line are the Hermits and the Fig Newman's. They were both filled with the perfect fruit and soft baked to perfection! I added those to the kids baskets! They have licorice and that's a must for my kids they always look for it in their baskets!

 To find a store where you can purchase Newman's Own Organics for your child's Easter Basket use their product locator. Check out Newman's Own website to see all of their amazing products. Make sure to follow Newman's Own Organics on Facebook to stay up to date on all of their promotions and to find out about their money saving coupons.


Newman's Own Organics wants to give one fan a chance to try their own product sampler box similar to the one reviewed!



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Dollar Shave Club Valentine's Day Gift Guide Review! Big Cloud Wind Master Lip Balm

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Dollar Shave Club is a great alternative to pricey store razors and the perfect men's or women's gift this Valentine's Day! You can give Dollar Shave Club as a gift just start looking here. You can choose several different options from Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club is a monthly subscription box. You can purchase by the month or whatever length of time is right for you. You even choose the razor that is right for you!

We received the  Executive Razor, Shave Butter, and Big Cloud skincare protection line for review. All of Dollar Shave Clubs grooming and skincare products are made in-house to help solve problems for you the member. Big Cloud guards against the harsh daily effects of wind, sun and time – without leaving behind any greasy residue or shine.  I love the Big Cloud Wind Master Lip Balm! With the crazy hot and cold days we have had here in Kentucky my lips are so chapped. The wind here is horrible and my skin is just not used to the cold and all the wind yet. The Big Cloud  Wind Master Lip Balm is a must!

If you are thinking why is this girl writing about a men's shave club? Well it is because I prefer men's razors! I think they have better blades and I know they are cheaper. They just work better! I love the shave butter. I actually use it for my legs. It is so moisturizing and helps protect from nicks and cuts. Since using my Executive Razor with my Shave Butter I haven't had the first sign of razor burn. I love it!
How much is all of this you ask? Only a few dollars a month! Plus Dollar Shave Cub believes so much in their subscription box your first month is only one dollar so you can try it out and shipping is free! You will be amazed at everything Dollar Shave Club has to offer. No more trips to the store because you have a dull razor. No more ruined date nights because of stubble! I love Dollar Shave Club and so does my husband now we can share! Everyone should try it! Start your trial here!

Make sure you check out Dollar Shave Club and follow them on social media below:


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Funky Chunky #Valentine's Day Gift Guide Review!

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Funky Chunky is every sweets lovers dream! If you like chocolate they have it all white, dark and milk chocolate. Funky Chunky has caramel, cinnamon and seasonal flavors! They have seasonal flavors and gifts for every occasion! Check out the amazing birthday gifts and their holiday gift assortments. Bring everyone together at your next corporate function with Funky Chunky's corporate packages! I am such a fan of the seasonal varieties! I love pumpkin and think the Pumpkin Cream Cheese looks absolutely delicious! I was able to try almost every flavor including the Sweetheart Mix! Right now if you add the Sweetheart Mix to any order shipping is free!

My family and I tried out the Sweetheart Mix, Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn, Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn, Chocolate Pretzels and the ChipZel Popcorn. I loved every flavor and so did my family. I am not even a fan of cinnamon and I loved the Sweetheart Mix! The ChipZel Popcorn was my favorite it actually includes potato chips, pretzel sticks and popcorn drizzled in caramel, dark, white and milk chocolate. When I say drizzled I mean really drizzled! Every variety has thick swirls of different chocolate and or caramels. You can find a flavor everyone in your family will love because they have so many different varieties!

My husband loves peanut butter so I knew his favorite would probably be the Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn. He loved it! I even enjoyed it and I don't like peanut butter that much. The peanut butter mingles with the chocolate and popcorn so well. I also truly enjoyed the Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn. I love salty and sweet together so this mix was perfect for me. I have a pretty good feeling this will be one of my Valentine's Day gifts from my husband. He knows I love Funky Chunky!

Make sure to shop Funky Chunky when looking for the perfect treat or gift and be sure to follow Funky Chunky on social media below:


Little Passports Valentine's Day Gift Guide Review and Giveaway!

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Does your kids love hands on activity's as much as mine does? If so The Little Passports SWEET sale is the perfect sale to buy gifts this Valentine's Day for your little one! They have so many different subscription and one time monthly gift options that you are sure to find the perfect box for your little one.

My kids enjoy hands on activities. Our kit this month was a Forensic Science Kit. They had activities like A Very Berry DNA Extraction where you use berries to take fingerprints. They also included a lot about different spatter patterns which is easy to do with kids. I knew they would love getting to do the fingerprinting activity. I loved that they were learning about forensics and using science. I loved that we could incorporate the activity from our subscription box into an educational activity. Little Passport's is perfect for homeschooling. Their boxes are full of STEM building activities!

Shop at The Little Passports SWEET sale and purchase your monthly subscription below and make sure and follow them on social media below:
                                     The Little Passports SWEET sale                              




Home Giveaway!

Welcome to the Home Giveaway
Sponsored by DreamWorks Animation
Hosted by Life With Kathy

This giveaway is for a slushy maker, bubbles and a Home backpack. The giveaway is open to the U.S. only. It will run from 2/9-2/23. You can enter below for your chance to win. Good luck to everyone.

Disclosure: Life With Kathy and all other participating bloggers are not responsible for prize shipment. The giveaway is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media. The winner will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is drawn. I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours.

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Coconut Essentials #Valentine's Day Review and Giveaway!

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review and giveaway all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received.

Do you use Coconut Oil for everything like me? If not you are missing out! Do you even know all of the benefits of Coconut Oil has for your skin? Coconut oil is perfect for either a facial cleanser or a moisturizer. The use of coconut oil as a cleanser involves emulsifying and massaging it into the skin before rinsing it off with warm water. The benefit is that coconut oil doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils. Skin stripped of its natural oils not only feels dry, but the glands overproduce sebum to compensate. This overproduction leads to clogged pores and acne.Coconut oil's unique moisturizing properties make it ideal as a facial moisturizer. Saturated fats and medium-chain fatty acids compose coconut oil. These trap moisture in the skin while leaving the skin's surface lipids intact. Coconut oil also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. They reduce inflammation and help heal the skin's natural barrier.

Coconut oil works well as a makeup remover,
too. All that's required is massaging the oil into the makeup and using a cotton pad to wipe it off before rinsing with warm water. The benefits of using coconut oil this way include removing even eye makeup gently while keeping the skin hydrated.
I have been using Coconut Oil now for many years and am constantly finding new uses for it. I was so excited when I got to try the full line of Coconut Essential's Products! Coconut Essentials has adult and baby products. So my kids got to try Coconut Baby also. I only use all natural products with my kids so I was super excited. My children all have sensitive skin and are allergic to almost all detergents and regular mass merchandiser toiletries. Coconut Baby uses one hundred percent all organic ingredients. It helps sooth skin and heal skin. It is even a treatment for cradle cap. My daughter loves using lotion like mommy so I am so happy she can use her own Coconut Baby!

We also got to try the entire adult line of Coconut Essentials products The Body Scrub, Face Cleanser and Body Butter! You can purchase any of those here. I loved the Face Cleanser it exfoliates amazingly and leaves skin soft and not dried out like a lot of facial cleansers. The Body Scrub feels delightful on your skin and is also a perfect exfoliator that doesn't leave you feeling dry because of the Coconut Oil Ingredient. I love using it on my feet! The Body Butter is amazingly moisturizing. I love the whole adult line!

Coconut Essentials would make an excellent Valentine's Day Gift! Who doesn't love getting bath and body products. I DO! Make sure to shop Coconut Essentials for all of your skincare need and follow them on social media below:


Coconut Essentials wants to give one grand prize winner their own Coconut Baby product and 3 runners up a $3.00 coupon code off Coconut Baby!


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