Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Gear Up with Precision RBS Launchers Valentine's Day Gift Guide Review

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Gear up for Valentine's Day with something the kids will love Precision RBS Launchers! Precision RBS Launchers are the latest innovation from Si (Super Impulse). Si was launched at New York International Toy Fair in 2014, Si is committed to innovative toys, novelties, and accessories for kids and the fun-at-heart. Si is comprised of toy industry experts from around the globe, with headquarters in Bristol, PA USA and Hong Kong. We offer unique, original designs as well as products featuring classic and popular licenses – from toys that adults had as kids to toys that kids will remember as adults!Benjamin Stack invented the Precision RBS Launchers after trying to find a toy more accurate than other blasters on the market. Ben even went to the University of Philadelphia and received a degree in Industrial Design so he could develop his ultimate rubber band launching system. Ben won the University’s prestigious senior design competition with his various hand-made laser cut prototypes. He then met Alan Dorfman, a toy industry pro and university alumnus. Nowadays Ben continues developing new and innovative products for Si. 

Precision RBS launchers come in three different types Talos, Chiron and Hyperion. The lightweight Talos holds up to 12 of the small size, #16, rubber band and up to 8 of the medium size, #33 rubber band. It launches up to 30 feet. The built in extender allows for more range of the medium size bands. It has storage cleats for extra ammo. Talos is perfect for quick, smooth, multi-shot action. If you are looking for quick shot action the Talos is your best choice.

The Chiron has a Quick Load feature, designed for rapid, on-the-move reloading! The unique design has plenty of ammo storage – it holds up to 100 added bands. Chiron holds 12 small size bands #16 and 8 medium size bands #33. It has rapid launch action, with range up to 30 feet. And with the release trigger, Chiron becomes two RBS launchers – a fully functional unit with all the features of Talos, PLUS a unique hand launcher, capable of firing ANY size rubber band. The Chiron is for the shooter looking for fast loading and a lot of ammo. The Chiron is great for extended battle!

Do you want the whole shebang? Then choose the Hyperion! Capaciy to hold three different bands sizes, including the large size, #117, the medium size, #33, and the small size #16. Hyperion has pinpoint accuracy and extended range – up to 50 feet!. It has plenty of ammo storage, with side storage and cleat storage. Plus, Hyperion feathers the unbelievable burst feature. It launches 14 bands at one time! The Hyperion gives you insane accuracy, power and range! Hyperion separates into two parts, giving you a compact Talos-line launcher, and providing for easy storage. It can hold up to 26 bands! Looking for long range, multiple round launching? You’ll dominate with Hyperion! Perfect for any battle!

Each launcher includes ammo. Extra ammo can also be purchased online here. Set up a target and see how accurate you are! This is a gift your kids will be sure to enjoy for Valentine's Day!

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